Missed Period But Consistent Cramping

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Jenny R. - April 10

Hey, everyone! I'm glad I stumbled upon this site. My period is 6 days late, and I'm very regular and have never missed a period. I've had what you could consider pregnancy symptoms (obviously a missed period, low-abnominal/pelvic/uteral (not sure which!) cramps, a slight change in appet_te, stomach upset (mostly in the form of gas, though). The cramps I have are focused right above where my pubic bone is- right in the middle, and the cramps are a dull ache that increase in intensity at night. I could have sworn I started my period more than once, but nothing more than discharge. I've also had that constant about-to-start feeling- it is almost like a pressure or swelling...I can't quite describe it. But alas, nothing. I took an HPT when I was four days late, and it come up negative. I know that some women's Hcg levels increase a different speeds than others, but I figured it would have showed up by now. I'm going to take another test tomorrow morning (that will be a full 7 Days missed). Has anyone had a similar experience? This seems like a great group of women full of varied experience. PLEASE give me your opinion! I'm going to make an appt. on Monday (when I'll be 8 days late) if my period doesn't start. THANKS LADIES!! I'm so frustrated, and I just wish I knew what was going on. My h


princessErin - April 14

hey :) ive been in the same situation. i was supposed to start my period 3 weeks ago. and my period is like never late. i know i thought ive started my period too but its just white discharge everytime ): i need to go to the doctor as well but i cant afford it. please let me know what they say! Thanks :)


Merps - April 14

Hey Jenny, With my 2nd pregnancy I was sure I was pregnant. I had several symptoms prior to a missed period but when I tested, they were all negative. I was tested at the doctor's office (urine) and that was negative too. Finally, they did a blood test and it was positive. I ended up being 1 1/2 weeks late before I found out so I would wait and retest. There could be a very good chance you are pregnant. I know the waiting can be so frustrating but hang in there! If it's still negative go to the doc for a blood test. Good Luck!!!!!!


Jenny R. - April 14

Hey, ladies! Thanks for replying. So here's the update: I took another HPT at 7 days late and used first morning urine. Negative. Symptoms have not let up. Went to the doc yesterday (4/13), and he was such a jerk! I feel like he really wasn't considering the minute chance I could pregnant. "If you are negative at 9 days late then it's just negative." Well, I just know that isn't true in all cases (I've had friends that had negatives HPT's for weeks! They had to have blood tests to get a positive). So, he did a pelvic exam, a transv____al ultrasound, and a lab workup. However, the bloodtest slip he gave me DID NOT include an Hcg test...really? Even the lab technician that was taking my blood said that was the case with her- she kept getting negatives, but her blood test was positive. She called the doc to make sure he didn't mean to include it- he meant to exlude it, apparently. He just completely denies that there is even a chance. I'm not saying I'm actually pregnant, and I'll admit there are other things can cause what I'm going through, but at least test for it to positively rule it out if anything else. Basically they're testing me for everything else it could be...now I'm just worried!! I'll let you know what happens, but I do appreciate your responses VERY MUCH!! Hope you two are doing well. BTW- I'm changing docs...he wasn't too nice (even though he's never been like that before). He had a 'tude with me!


Merps - April 15

That's too bad about your doc....what a jerk! No matter what he thinks, it is his medical responsibility to be open minded and compa__sionate towards his patients. Of course, being a man, he has never experienced what we are going through. I think it's definately a good choice to switch! Anyways, I wouldn't give up, just try to stay positive and keep us updated.


princessErin - April 15

that sucks about your doctor! maybe try testing again in 1-2 days. they say HCG levels double every 2 days or something. thats why im concerned that i havent had a positive result yet.


Grandpa Viv - April 15

Jenny, the doc thinks a transv____al ultrasound would have shown an embryo or a cyst. Neither was there, so the blood work was for other causes. He was short with you because he has other patients with more pressing problems. In England (single payer system) they are not interested in seeing you until you have missed a second period. GL!


Jenny R. - April 15

Thanks for your reply, Grandpa Viv. I have to respectfully disagree with your comment. I did my ultrasound right after my obgyn appt and then drove to the hospital right after that for the blood test (the appt, ultrasound, and blood test were all within an hr. of each other). The ultrasound tech. was sending the ultrasounds out to get a___lyzed, so as far as I know, the doc never saw them. The blood tests haven't come back yet, so the doc has no knowledge of what's going on yet (not from the ultrasound or blood test), or at least if he does I have not been notified. I understand that, yes, there might be other patients with "more pressing problems" than me; however, I'm paying just as much as the next person in the waiting room for his time. I expect that healthcare is much more lax in England because they have socialized health care. They have people backed up all over the place, and people many times do not get the attention they should be getting. The quality just isn't there. God forbid we ever get there, but right now...I am paying good money and deserve his respect, patience, and open-mindedness. Thanks, Jenny


Hola5924 - August 11

Hi Jenny! This is exactly me right now. How did it turn out? 



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