Missed Period Can I Be Pregnant

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Jo - November 11

Ok, I am having a problem. Please don't think I am weird. I had my normal period on July 24th. It was as ususal, 4 days. . I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years on August 21st. Then on the 31st of August, I had what I assumed was my period. It was relatively light and wasn't like normal and didn't last as long. Here's my problem. My boyfriend used a condom. He didn't ejaculate but since it wasn't as enjoyable for me (being first time) we stopped. After oral s_x, he ejaculated and it was on my hand and stomache. Could it be possible to be pregnant by having his ejaculate on my hand and then going to the bathroom? I have been tired, hungry, headaches, gaining weight(maybe from eating all the time), haven't had a period since, and the undesirable gas and constipation. How do I know if it is all from the loads of stress I am having lately? And how accurate are those home pregnancy tests? Help.


Christine - November 11

Jo I dont think that you would be pregnant but it is probably at least a little bit possible...I would ease my mind by taking an hpt...stress can definitly throw off your period..and probably having s_x for the first time may have changed some hormones...hpt's are pretty accurate...in your case I would suggest it...you are probably not pregnant...if it still bothers you contact your doc or a planned parenthood..viv if you could put that number on here for her...they could help you.


Audrey - November 11

a__suming a regular cycle, any egg produced would have been gone long before Aug. 21st. If you wiped yourself with fresh ejaculate or the condom wasn't used properly, then there would have been a slight chance. However as you say, your symptoms could also be caused by stress. Home pregnancy tests are quite accurate if they are used within a few days of a missed period. All the best to you and let us know if we can help more.


m - November 11

That was over 2 months ago, have you had a period since? Or was the August 31 episode the last time you've had anything resembling a period? And are you a 28 day cycle? If you got pregnant on Aug 21, then an hpt would be sure to show up positive after this long.


Jo - November 12

Hi and thanks for the answers. Sometimes i feel like I am going to get my period but it doesn't arrive. That Aug 21st was the only time we had s_x. I can't tell about my cycle because they aren't really the same, some 28 days and some 33 days, so on. Some of the reading I was doing suggested that I might have been ovulating around that time. I don't know. I had that bleeding about 10 after s_x and a few days earlier than I would have gotten my period. The way I feel now is: off and on headaches, sometimes nausea, sleepy, and sometimes I get a little crampy between my belly b___ton and hair line, and sometimes around my opening. Sometimes there is a mucus thats kinda thick and white and sometimes its clear. As far as my belly, I feel like a blob. If I got preg, then it would have had to happen on Aug 21st. God I feel like such a dunce but would that make me almost 12 weeks along? My b___bs don't hurt. Ususally with PMS they are really tender. Sometimes I wonder if my signs are in my head thinking about the possibility of it-- like the power of suggestion. My doctor is on vacation for 2 weeks, so would a home preg. test be accurate for me? I'm sorry for being "dumb" about this but I really need that advice. I've been pa__sing it off as stress but now I am wondering if its something more. Thank you!


Christine - November 12

I would have to say a hpt at 12 weeks would have to be 100% accurate...take one and let us know.



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