Missed Period Spotting Pregnant

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kim - November 10

has anyone else spotted before their period was due. i heard ib is only for a couple of days, i spotted for 6 days over a week before my period was due and now i'm overdue and no period. pregancy tests say no. i was wondering if anyone else experienced this an turned out be pregnant?


Ashley - November 10

Hi Kim, you may be pregnant. Many women experience spotting during implantation. That takes place usually about a week to a few days before your period is due. The implantation is when the fertilized egg implants into the side of the uterus which is usually about a week and a half I think after ovulation. Anyway if you spotted and now are late chances are it was implantationbleeding. Are you usually very regular? Have you been trying to concieve? Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms?


kim - November 10

thank you so much for getting back to me. i''ve been very regular for awhile the only thing that scared me was the ib for 6 days? i heard its only a couple of days for ib and since i miscarried my first pregnancy i was scared.my husband and i have been trying to have a baby for over 4 years now. as far as my symptoms i want it so bad sometimes i get confused. i think i do, but i don't want to set me up for another let down whats your story?


Deb - November 10

It seems too long for IB. Is it possible your spotting was just an irregular period? Also, spotting before AF could indicate that you have low progesterone. You might want to talk to your doctor. They can test your progesterone level and give you supplements if it is low.


Sue - November 11

Hi Kim, we're sailing the same boat I guess.It's been 5 days now since due date for af. Has been getting very regular af my entire life. Experience some kind of spotting today. is it possible that i'm preggo or is af on its way?


kim - November 11

I hope we are pregnant..the waiting is the hardest job! Good luck!


ashley - November 11

Hi Kim, my hubby and I just started trying to concieve this past month and I had a lot of symptoms-sore b___sts, 2 wk long temperature of about 99.5 and very tired and expected af on the 9th of october. The night before( the 8th) I had some cramping and all that week was really weepy and emotional and so I thought for sure I would get af on the 9th. But then never got it on the ninth and took a test that night and sure enough... I'm pregnant! I 've gotten 3 positives since the day I was supposed to get af. i took several tests in the days before but they were alway negative. Not until I missed af did it come up positive. We are very happy and excited. I'm still a little in shock since it happened soooo quick, I thought it would take a while. But I guess we were just lucky. Good Luck To you. ~baby dust~


Cat - November 27

I was overdue for my period and then I spotted for a little over two days. Before that I took a test and was negative. Could I be pregnant ? Still no period and I am waiting to get a paycheck to go and get another test.


kc - December 8

I suppose to had came on dec 5 but I didn't I just was spotting for two days. What could this be?



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