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blondie - June 10

ok i was wondering if i could ask this question, i forgot to take my pill and i had unprotected s_x wiv the bf, on my pill packet it says u have to carry on for 7 days wiv ur pill and use extra protection but my pill ran out and i never carried it on, i had unportected s_x again. since then iv been having bad cramps in my stomach (they usually happen at night) and iv been feeling dizzy and sick, i am suppose to be due on my period but nothing has happened yet, is there any chance that i could be pregnant, if so wat symptoms should i look out for, if someone could reply thanks


To blondie - June 10

When was the due that of your period? When was it or is it supposed to arrive?


to blondie - June 10

I'm also on the pill and forgot to take them and am now going crazy trying to decide if i'm prego or just messed up fromt he missed pills. My bakc is killing me and really bad cramps. My AF is due Tuesday. Always right on the day with the pill, I'm sure you're the same. My bbs are also very swollen and feeling bloated. All somewhat typical AF symptoms, but none before AF actually arrives. Are you feeling any AF symptoms ? When was AF due to arrive ? Keep us posted for sure what happens as I am in the same situation. Did test today and negative. Good luck !


blondie - June 12

it was due on thursday? i phoned up the NHS and told them my symptoms and they said to contact my doctor immediately as they think im might be pregnant but having some difficulty in pregnancy, iv started spotting blood and my stomach is hurting so much i can hardly move i just cry, iv got a doctors appointment 2morro morning, bf is going wiv me for support


Kimberly-K - June 12

When I was on the pill I missed it many time and never got pregnant but lots of times it did mess me up quite a lot and give me these sorts of symptoms. Good luck.


blondie - June 15

is anyone els having extreme pain in their stomach moving through to their back, hardly being able to move, if so, do u know wat it could be?



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