Missing The Pill And Pregnancy

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Chris - October 1

My girlfriend started her period last Monday (Sep 20). She finished it on the following Saturday (Sep 25). She is on the pill, and has been on it for the past 8 or 9 months. On that Saturday, we had s_x. Unfortunately, her next set of pills did not come in until Tuesday, 3 days later. On that Tuesday, she took three pills to make up for what she had missed. Now she is spotting and urinating frequently. I’ve heard that this is a sign of pregnancy. Is this possible? Now, I’ve heard a lot of different things. I’ve heard that when you stop using the pill, your fertility immediately increases, and fertilization is much more likely. However, I figured that we had s_x on a Saturday, while she was technically still on the pill, so this isn’t likely. I then heard that since sperm can live in the body for up to 7 days, so fertilization could have occurred during that time which she missed her pills and became more fertile. However, spotting is a common side effect of the pill, especially after taking a large amount of it (ie 3 pills). And, she started spotting the evening on which she took those three pills. Plus, wouldn’t three days after the s_x be a little early to start spotting if it was due to pregnancy? I apologize for all of this, I’ve just been going through it all over and over in my head, and I need some other opinions. Lastly, I heard that ovulation doesn’t occur until at least 10-18 days into the cycle, which would put her ovulation time at right around now, and into next week. So, if there was no egg to meet the sperm, she couldn’t be pregnant right? But then I consider the rumor about fertility increasing when missing the pill. I think I’ve included every detail. I hope someone can help me out here. I know there is always a chance of pregnancy in any situation, but I just want to know if this is even remotely likely. Lastly, I’ve heard that the “morning after pill” is simply a large dose of what is in regular birth control pills. If this is true, and my girlfriend took three pills (a large dose) within 72 hours, could that have possibly prevented any fertilization? And does the fact that she is spotting consistently now suggest that she could not be pregnant, as the spotting would not be this frequent if she was? Thanks for everything.


Julie - October 1

Hey Chris, don't get yourself into a panic yet. I had a pregnancy scare on the pill and I swear I was pregnant. Symptoms galore. I wasn't pregnant. The mind tends to trick your body or coincidental symptoms, know what I mean? Your girlfriend is probably spotting from missing the pills like you said. I decided one time to continue the pills and miss a period and it was fine but 2 weeks later I was spotting and it was because my body was messed up from the hormones in birth control. BUT you also said that she is spotting now which can be a sign of implantation bleeding where the fertalized egg begins to burrow itself into the uterus lining. The pill is designed to work in three ways. One, if taken properly, it tricks the body into thinking you are pregnant so you do not release an egg. Secondly, the cervical mucous is built up to not allow sperm to enter the uterus, and thirdly it makes the uterine lining hostile to anything trying to implant. Now, you know it's not 100% fool proof so anything can happen. There is also a higher risk of pregnancy if more than 2 pills are missed in the first week of the pack (which it was) and the last week of the pack. She may have released an egg because of the lack of hormones in the beginning of the cycle. The big dose of pills may have helped but nothing is certain. I hate to say it because I know the waiting game sucks and you can work yourself up into a frenzy, but the best indicator of a possible pregnancy is a missing period. For now, use a condom or other back up method for the rest of the month (the egg can be released 10-12 days into a cycle) and whatever happens best of luck to you both.



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