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cassie - October 9

Well, i posted my pics of hpt's and had many people tell me i was preg because the pos line was there..well wednesday morn i got a pos and wed night i got another pos, thursday morn a slight faint pos, then friday morn and today were negatives, the only hope i have is that the tests weren't working right because i cut them in half so i could use the one test twice....the control line was really light and took a while for the control line to even show up...however, my urine this mornin was very yellow (Tmi, sorry) which means it is concentrated, so the line should be there unless the test is defected...i have an appt on tue, gonna see if i can get it to mon after my classes....what do you all think is going on? i don't have any bleeding, the last time i bled was sep 25th with one day of spotting before and after, i just hope that the bleeding then wasn't a miscarriage and the test is just picking up hcg levels from then, but i don't know how that would work because i tested on the 23rd and it was neg as well....i'm sorry to blab but i'm a little depressed...someone please tell me what you think is going on??? thanks


kelly - October 10

well i dont know what is going on you need to see a doctors about that. im just wondering, if you had a hpt that came out possitive......why did you take loads more????? a possitive is a possitive you cant get a negative after a possitive unless you have misscarried or the test is faulty. hope this helps


monique - October 10

i bled 2 weeks before my period, the doctor told me i probably was having a miscarriage and gave me some kind of pills, i did not take them. all test were neg, urine and blood. he sent me for an US, i seen a fetal pole on my US, so now i am waiting on the doctor, but now i am taking my prenatal vitamins. sometimes you have to follow your instincts, you know your body better than anyone else. are you having any symptoms? Good Luck


ca__sie - October 11

kelly--i odn't know why i took more, because i'm in denial. but i dont' think i've had a m/c because i'm not bleeding or even spotting and no cramping, and i don't know how three positives can be false? monique--morning sickness set in today, yuck, b___sts are not that sore only when i push them, fatigue, and i've had a migraine now for two days which i never get bad headaches, and an increase in cm...i will just wait until my doc appt tomorrow



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