Mommy Or Not

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mdb - June 6

I took a test the morning that I was supposed to start because I was so anxious. It had the faintest line (+) that I thought I imagined it. That afternoon I started my period. I was bummed, but got over it. Today is 13 days later - I am STILL bleeding. I called the dr. and they said that I should go to emergency. I don't want to! I took another test this evening to put the thought to rest and it was POSITIVE - very positive. I am so scared because I don't know what to think. Why am I bleeding so much? If I miscarried (which is my educated guess on why I'm bleeding so much), would a test still be positive? Help. I've never been pregnant before...


mel - June 6

Hey let me know when you find out, because I'm going through the same thing right now too? except I've only been bleeding a week so far- but show no signs of letting up. I'm confused. I had the faintest line that I could barely even see, then started bleeding, however I never retook the test. did you have any other symptoms????


mdb - June 6

I only retook the test today because when I called my dr they asked if I could be pregnant. I thought NO - I've been bleeding for 13 days!!!!!! But then tonight I thought I'd take a test just to solidify the fact that I wasn't. The line was so apparent I didn't have to wait 10 seconds! The last few days I've had some pain in my left side, and my b___bs KILL, and I've had a few bad


Allie - June 6

Please go in to see a doctor! I had bleeding while pregnant starting 2 days after AF was due, and my pregnancy was ectopic - b/c of poor medical care I didn't find out until it was too late (I found out after my tube ruptured). My line showed up like yours, with no wait at all. My pregnancy was 11 weeks along when the tube ruptured, I had normal pregnancy symptoms b/c I had pregnancy hormones. Definitely get in and start getting quant_tativef hcg tests, and get an early ultrasound if at all possible.


Amy - June 6

when i m/c on may 3 igot a BFP on the 25 of april and went to dr next day and they said my levels were 27 and either i was early or m/c i had no bleeding or nothing so i went back on wed and took another blood test and it 6.9 and they said i was m/c and i still had no bleeding so i took another test it was still BFP so i decided to go to a different dr and my levels were 49.8 so i thought great my levels doubled but i had to go back on monday witch was may 2 and do levels again and it was 6.5 so they said i had m/c still no bleeding and the night before took a hpt just to ease mind so i thought it was still BFP and by may 3 i started the m/c bleeding and all so your levels need to go down becaues you will test+ until they do



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