MOMS2B Club Part 5

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pamala77 - October 25

Ok ladies, here's the new thread everyone wanted, but no one would start. Come on Nina, Kay, Luv, Babybrain, Pepper....and anyone else who wants to join!! We need more BFP!!!


NinaS82 - October 25

yayyyyyyy a new thread!


kay101 - October 25

I shaved my head! Haha not literally but I'm sure THAT got some attention. I took thinning sheers to it and my God you would have thought by all the hair on the counter I really had shaved my head. I have really thick, frizzy, curly hair and it's becoming impossible to manage with how tired I am and I don't want to look like c___p all the time. So I thinned it out and trimmed about an inch off. I have a choleterol treatment in right now that I'm waiting to rinse out, then I'm going to see how straightening it goes not that theres not so d__n much of it! Trust me you two, you will feel crummy come the next couple weeks. I don't really even feel nauseus anymore it's more like food? Eww gross! My dr. appointment is on Moday and that will be my first real one. I'm a__suming sicne I'll be 9 weeks they're going to do the all out bloodwork and pelvic exam one. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll schedule me for another ultrasound. Luuuuuuuuv where are you? Hope af isn't being to cruel with the cramps and all. And you too babybrain get your b___t back here! Hope you've got a little more energy now!


babybrain32 - October 25

Hey guys!! Sending much love to everyone. Especially the newly admitted "human incubaters". Congrats again to those who's tummies were blessed recently. I still can't believe how long we've been communicating with each other. It's amazing! I feel like we've known each other forever. Anyway, I just remembered that I was suppose to update on my doc appt. Well, all went beautifully. Yippee. The baby is measuring a few days bigger. Yay! I had another u/s. Get this. I even got to see him/her in 3D and got a picture print out. I don't know if any of you have had a 3D u/s or even seen one before, but it is the greatest and my doc has it in the office. I was fascinated! I could see the little face, umbillical cord, arms, legs.............It was great!!!! DH rides around with the pic on the dashboard of his car (cute huh?) Anyways, Kay I can't wait to hear about your appt. You are right behind me. Does your doc have a u/s machine in the office? I hope so so you can see it then. Can't wait to hear about your appt. Please fill us in =) Pam, when are you going? You should be what, 4 to 5 wks right? Aren't you happy? I bet DH is besides himself =) Your first bundle of joy, the feeling is not explainable. Luv, hope you are feeling ok. Have you seen the doc about the HSG? Come back and let us know how you are. We miss you lots! I know I'm not here often like I should but don't get like me. You bring life to the thread. Anyways, I will catch of with you girls later. Bye Luv, Kay, Pam, Nina, Pepper.........and all those who have joined us!!!!


pamala77 - October 26

Hey s_xaaay Kay..haha...glad your hair turned out the way you wanted. How exciting! You're first "real" doctors appt on Monday!! Make sure you tell us all about it! I know you can't wait! I hope you get another ultrasound! It'd be great to see how much has chaged since your 7 week one. Babybrain, I'm about 4 1/2 weeks right now, still a newbie. I have my first appt Nov 13, I'll be exactly 7 weeks then. I am so happy it's unbelievable. DH is so excited. He's not really big on showing emotions, but he's having a hard time covering it up this time! I catch him just staring at me sometimes with the cutest grin=P Nothing else really to report here. Just have some sssooorrrreee bbs! Have an occa__sional headache, is there something "safe" that I can take? Hope to chat with you ladies later!! Luv, come back!!!! We miss you:)


luvmyike - October 26

Hey there ladies!!!!! Aww! you guys make me feel soooooo special! If my DH dosen't want me at least I know that you guys do!! LOL!! I am sorry it took so long to get back but as you already know I had a rough time with AF this month. But she has pa__sed and I am feeling better. I read all about the drs. appts and ultrasound pics. That is sooo cool and I soooo hope that my doc will give me a 3D pic-(when I get preggers of course) believe it or not ovulation time is almost here again on November 1st and well here we go again! I am going to use the opk again and I also scheduled an appointment with a doctor here in Columbia. The earliest appt was Nov. 6th. So I took that date and we will be discussing the HSG procedure. So yes babybrain, I am on top of that! Thanks so much for the info! Glad to here that everything is well with you! I really miss you too! Well, ladies as you know my housewarming is tomorrow and so along with feeling like c___p I have also been cleaning like crazy! But I am almost done...I am going to finish up and I will check in with you ladies this evening okay!!! luv u guys!!! Take care of the those little beans Kay, Pammie, babybrain, and NIna!!!! AND SEND ME SOME FREAKIN BABYJUICE WILL YA!!! LOL! chat later!


luvmyike - October 26

oh and Pammie! Thanks for the new thread!!! Finallly!! Someone got it right!


kay101 - October 27

Hmmmm, so my sister just had her third child and they want to move into a bigger house. Well there is a foreclosed house in their neighborhood, something like the families sister bought it for them and they couldn't keep up with the mortgage. It's the biggest model in the neighborhood, and was actually the show model when the neighborhood was being built three years ago so it has all the upgraded features and everything. 2200 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, refinished bas____nt, huge backyard and it's going for only $160,000. The economy sucks so they know they'll have a hard time selling their house and asked if they are able to if we want to rent it, and whenever we move out and they sell the house they give us back whatever we put into the mortgage payments. Ugh it's so tempting, my sister is 10 years older than I am and their house is amazing. I'm really going to have to give it some thought because we could use the extra bedroom and extra space.


pamala77 - October 28

Hey ladies!! Luv, glad you came back. I hope you had a great time showing off your new house!! I am sending you tons and tons of babyjuice and babydust!!! Kay, thanks for the advise on the tylenol. I'm really trying to stick out the headaches without anything, but I'm sure there is going to be a point I can't take it anymore. I'm not too thrilled with the whole getting blood drawn and the cold metal objects either. I REALLY just want to see what's going on in there!! I know there isn't much, but to see SOMETHING would make me feel so much better. Is it normal to be so paranoid about everything? My friend got me the "Your pregnancy week by week" book, and i just read about Ectopic pregnancy. And how it's usually detected by week 6-8. I'm freaking out now!! I don't have any symptoms of it, but I don't have many symptoms anyway, so thats freaking me out! I know I'm probably over reacting, but this is my first so I have no clue what I'm supposed to be feeling. It's early, that's what i keep telling myself. Calm down...whew...ok, sorry about that. I'm better. Anyways, Kay, so, your sister would move into the "foreclosed" house, and you would rent your sister's old house? And she would give you your money back AFTER she sells it? Is that correct? If so, that sounds like a good deal. How far is that from where you live now?


kay101 - October 29

So I had my appointment today and it was so fun and so not fun. They asked if I mided did a PA (I think that's what they said she was she was obviously still training) came in too. She did my pelvic exam and had a hard time finding my cervix so I was stuck with that thing in there a little longer than I wanted it to be. Also had a b___st exam done, and I've never had them pinch my nipples during one...............and that HURT. They came in with the fetal doppler and I was kind of surprised because I didn't think they could pick up the heartbeat on those till 10-11 weeks, but after a while they found it. It was funny to hear them find my heartbeat, then find the babies and really be able to tell how much faster it is. I'm 9 weeks from my lmp but my due date is June 1st which they said would put me at 9 weeks 2 days so I dunno if I get a 2 day credit for having a 26 day cycle versus the average of 28. I really need to talk with my husband about how many more kids we want because they said thing can get more complicated after more than 3 c-sections and I need to decide if I want to take the risk of trying to deliver v____ally. Also had blood work done and of course I always let them test for everything they ask if you want to test for so that ended up being like 4 tubes. My veins have the habit of collapsing and it came out soooooo slow. Other than that, I go back in 4 weeks to just pee in a cup and check the heartbeat I believe. Gotta love those 5 minute appointments. Oh I also kinda gag when I take my prenatals, I've never had a problem taking pills before, so they prescribed me some chewable kinds or said I could take 2 Flinstones instead LMAO. I opted for the flinstones since I already know from being a kid what they taste like and I was worried the others would be gross. Pam - It's ok we all worry about EVERYTHING! I had that book also and I loved it because it showed how big the baby was each week. You're about 5 weeks now right? IF you are going to get sick, you'll probably start feeling it within a week or two. I think women a__sociate morning sickness with being pregnant so much, that when we don't have it we think we don't feel pregnant. If your b___bs hurt, you're feeling little crampy twinges, gas, constipation, loads of other things are pregnancy symptoms. I'm not a puker myself, I just had about 2 weeks where I felt quesey, and now already I only get that feeling when trying to eat certain foods. Oh, and the house is maybe 15 minutes from us. The darn thing is so huge I don't think we'd even have enough furniture lol but they aren't sure if they'll be able to do that. It's just kind of an idea right now.


kay101 - October 30

Ok, the thread is lonely the past couple days. Nothing exciting here. Morning sickness seemed to come back a bit today which sucked, but maybe it was just an off day. I bought a new bra that's a cup size bigger and it almost doesn't fit.....maybe it's just the style.


luvmyike - October 31

Hey there ladies!!!! How is everyone doing? I am doing fine. My housewarming was so much fun and ovulation is scheduled for tomorrow! DH and I have been bdng at least every other day since AF left. I have been a complete horn ball! (horney that is) DH and I Bd'd last night and then I was up at 5am wanting more????? Needless to say DH did not mind at all. So we will see if we catch the egg this month! Hey Pam! how are hunnie! where can I get some of the preseed stuff from? I really don't like lubricants cause sometimes they irritate me, but I am willing to try whatever works! I want you ladies to know that I am praying for all of you and your little beans! so no worries okay!!! Babybrain!! how are you? miss you!!! Kay congrats on hearing your lil beans heartbeat! how cool is that!!! I can't wait for that part once I get preggers. Well Ladies, my in-laws are still here from the housewarming...unfortunately. But I will check in later if I can. Babydust!!! me!


kay101 - October 31

Am I the only woman in the world who adores my in laws? haha nice to hear your doing good luv......very verrrrrrrry good! Gotta love what those hormones do you ya. I've been the same way sorta, I'm not one to jump on him since I'm always so tired but as soon as he jumps on me it's like ok you better not get off! I smell a 2ww coming quite soon :) baby dust girlie! I've had a headache on and off for the past 3 days and it's getting on my last nerve. Took miss tinkerbell trick or treating tonight and thank God it wasn't as cold as it was last year. Her entire pumpkin bucket was full.........mmmmm............pregnant lady wants candy LOL she can't eat half of it because it's hard small things like life savers so that means it's mine! I've been doing better eating. I bought some slim fast cookie dough bars that are so so so good and I've been eating those for breakfast along with a shake. Speaking of food, I'm hungry now so hope everyone else is doing well and see you ladies tomorrow!


pamala77 - November 1

Hi ladies!! Kay, that's awesome you got to hear the heartbeat at 9 weeks!! I know you must've been so happy and relieved!! Luv, I'm crossing my fingers for you!! I'm glad your party went well. Nothing new going on here. Starting to feel a little nausa during the middle of the days now, but it doesn't last very long. Have to go to Jacksonville AGAIN for work tomorrow, I REALLY don't want to! Oh well, at least I'll get to see my Mom again!! Take care! I'll check in later!


kay101 - November 1

Ok, a normal husband would pick up flowers after getting into an arguement to make up, but oh no mine can't find any at 4am so I wake up to a message written across my bathroom mirror in soap. Good morning bae. Hope you have a good day at work. Just wanted to do something to let you know that you're always on my mind. Love you. What happened to like making me lunch to take to work and putting that on a sticky note? lol it was deffinately different. I'm so worn out I swear I was running on e today at work. I didn't have much of a chance to relax and ran around alllll day yesterday. I think the sugar is just now kicking in because this girl just will not sit still! Luuuuuuuuv you better be gettin your luv on lol pam - sorry you're starting to get that bit of morning sickness. Little tip, it's way worse if your stomach is empty so make sure you've had something to eat. Snack through out the day.


luvmyike - November 1

Hey there ladies! The in-laws have left the building!!! HALLELUAH! No Kay, you are not the only one who adores your in-laws...But trust me you are so blessed. My DH mother is the problem not his father. His father is a sweetheart just like my dh. The issue is My DH is her only child and so needless to say she is extremely overbearing! She is also can be disrespectful by doing things she knows I do not like like feeding my dog table food! that really p__ses me off. It's not that we don't get along because we do...but that is only because I am too d__n nice and I don't say anything to her when she does things I don't like. I just tell my husband and I let him handle it. She can be really sweet at times and then there are times when I feel like she is just doing things to show-off. I really have to pray about our relationship because she has health issues and I would never want anything to happen to her...especially before I have her only grandchildren. But she really pushes my b___tons ALOT!!!!!! I'm sorry Kay. I think you opened a can of worms...but thanks that gave me a chance to vent. Well about TTC, I have taken two ovulation test yesterday and today and they were both negative. According to mymonthlycycles I am suppose to be ovulating today! So I wonder what's up with that. Well DH and I are going to still BD anyway. I will be p__sed if I don't ovulate this month! Well anyway DH has made it home and I must go now! Luv u girls! I will check in tomorrow! Babydust!! me. you girls don't need any!


babybrain32 - November 1

Hi all! I see that everyone is doing good. Yippee!!! Not too much going on here but an expanding waste line. I am gaining weight very quickly. I didn't believe my friends when they said that your second baby makes you expand faster but I guess they were right. Well, I've been welcomed into the second trimester =) I'm almost 15wks. I go back to the doc during week 17. I'm am so hoping that I find out what it is. My mom is ready to start buying things. I gotta admit, I am too =) Luv!!! Hi girlie! I wouldn't worry about not o'ing now. Sometimes it bounces around. Keep up the BD'ing. You're doing a good job ;-) I'm still rooting for you (even though I'm not here like I should). Luv Ya girl!!! Hey Pammie, I see the morning sickness phase is getting ready to start for you. Try not to work so hard and get as much rest as you can. Waiting to hear of your doc appt. Keep adding to the baby stories. Hey Kay, that was so cute fo DH to leave a note for you like that I think. Its different, yes, but I like the fact that he is thinking of you. Congrats on hearing the heartbeat. I know how you feel =) Hope you are taking good care of yourself too. Eat well girls! Well, I just wanted to check in and spread my love. Miss you guys!! Bye for now. Got a few cases of babyjuice in the mail for you Luv. Drink up!



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