MOMS2B Clun Part 4

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kay101 - October 3

To more BFP's this month and more June mom's to join me! (you must raise your glass with SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE of course)


kay101 - October 3

I've never heard of that brand of opk so I can't really tell you much about it. I know all the ones I've used and read about, that the test in not considered positive unless the test line is as dark as, or darker than, the control line. On the directions, it reccomends testing in the afternoon, around 2 pm. I've read about a lot of women who only can detect their lh surge in the morning. Some women don't surge for very long, so I've also read of some testing twice a day. Luv- I knew somebody would laught at that! All this stuff can get so stressful that I figure we all need some smiles here and there, even if it does mean I have to be a dork.


luvmyike - October 3

thanks Kay! I will join you here on tomorrow afternoon when I get in from work. yea, I have to visit some schools tomorrow! But I won't have to go into the office! so I will chat tomorrow okay! Good night!!!!!!!babydust to me! babydust to everyone babydancin tonight!


kay101 - October 3

THAT IS IT! I'm not starting the treads anymore! Our t_tle is cursed! I don't think we've gotten it right since the first one lmao CLUN geez. I'm off to watch top model, I know, I know but it's addicting. Dh has been ha__sling me every year since I turned 18 to go on there. I am then going to watch my secret crush, shamar moore, but shhhhhhh don't tell on me!


wantbabyboy - October 3

Kay ..yes it says the same as the control line or darker its still faint and continue test and dancing till the 8 ...good thing I got my waxing Quick question they say if you take 2 folic acid a day you can get twins ....what you say?


kay101 - October 3

That......I don't have an answer for. Sorry! I would try asking on the multiples board. Keep testing with your opk's and once you get a positive I would say to bd at least for 3 days after.


ma1008 - October 4

ive read taking to much folic acid can be harmful, as with any vitamin. bu good luck to you luvmyike.


pamala77 - October 4

Hey ladies!!! How's everyone doing? I'm doing great! Started testing with the OPK, haven't gotten a positive yet, but I'm not due to O' until next week, so I'm not freaking out...YET!! haha...Anyways, DH surprised me yesterday with a weekend trip to NY. I've never been, so I'm sooo excited. We leave tonight!! I have so much to do! I obviously won't be logging on this weekend, but I will check back in on Monday! Have a great weekend!! I know there is A LOT of baby dancin' going on!! I know there is here:) .... Baby dust to all!!!


wantbabyboy - October 4

good morning ladies this morning the opk test line is gettimg darker I will also be BD this weekend .


pepperperson - October 4

Good luck to all you babydancing!! nina - i saw your post on the other board wondering when I "o." Usually I "o" or think I do anyway, around teh 14th day. Hwoever, my period came early last month (or this month, hwoever you look at it), and it lasted longer, so I'm not sure this month. I'm watching CM and doing the temping to time o this month. Kay - I'm addicted to top model too!! and laguna beach and the hills. :X lol


kay101 - October 4

I have absolutely nothing exciting to report. I've been getting a headache almost every single day, but I've pretty much found a cure for it. Still hungrey and still don't want to eat anything as much sense as that makes lol. Well it looks like it's getting to be an exciting time of the month for everyone again! Lots and lots of bd'ing to ya!


kay101 - October 4

I actually do have something exciting to share - I have a ne invention! Well recipe rather for when you are feeling lazy. Cup noodles and house of tsang szechuan spicy stir fry sauce makes some incredible lo mein noodles lol


NinaS82 - October 5

Hey all!!! Sorry i've been MIA, so busy with work. Was in miami yesterday for a meeting and just got back last night. Well, i 'o' next week and were going to start bd'ing everyday starting this weekend! Pam, hope your having a good time in NY! Theres where im from and I miss it so much! :( Kay, how are you feeling? Good to know your coming up with new concoctions. hehehehe. Pepper, try an ovulation calendar and use an OPK everyday, I want to hear a BFP from you this month! How is everyone else doing? Btw, if i get preggo this month, my due date will be 3 days before my birthday next July. That would be an amazing gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) """BABY DUST""""


kay101 - October 5

Everyone's dissapeared this week. Babybrain get your bloated b___t back here and let us know how you're doing! I can't wait to hear everyones symptoms this month. This is gross, but I burped earlier and nothing came up but it tasted like vomit. I've had heartburn ever since and keep burping from time to time, which is something I never do unless I drink soda. I went grocery shopping earlier, and I wonder how much of the food I'll still want by tomorrow.


leahsmommy - October 6

Kay and everyone else.. Sorry haven't been on to update you all on what is going on with me, but have been really busy.. I went to the docs like I said I was going to and he didn't do anything!! NO pelvic or u/s or blood work.. and still no AF.. So now I sit here still wanting to know whats going on.. O yeah, they did check blood work the week before and check my thyroid etc.. and it was all normal.. So I don't know what to do now.. I did take a hpt yesterday and it looked like a faint line.. WELL to me anyway.. but I haven't tested again yet.. Last time it didn't show up on urine though.. So who knows.. Don't know what else to do.. WAIT IT OUT?? Docs aren't doing anything about my NO AF!! What would you guys do??


kay101 - October 6

Did they say anything about cysts? I would think they would at least be concerned about something like that. My only suggestions now are: take another test, try a first response in the morning and most imporantly, FIND A NEW DOCTOR! I don't know why they don't do the tests we ask for especailly when we're willing to pay for them.


kay101 - October 6

I think I'm starting to get morning sickness. I feel really gross and pukey right now. Hope everyone is out there having fun bd'ing!



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