MOMS 2B Club Part 16

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luvmyike - March 1

Hey ladies, I just thought that it was time for a new thread! MOMS 2B Club 4EVER!


luvmyike - March 2

Hi ladies! So dh and I have an appointment on Saturday with the fertility doctor and I cannot wait! I wish we could go today! I am just ready to redo dh's sperm a___lysis. The fertility doctor says that she is going to do a more detailed sperm a___lysis test so that we will know if we have to surgically remove sperm or not. I think either it was a bad sample the first time or there is a blockage that they will just need to fix. Recently, I found out that my godsister was pregnant for the second time and also that a good friend of mine is also pregnant! It's her first and she hasn't been trying for a year!!! I feel so guilty that sometimes these things bother me at times. I am happy for them. But it is just frustrating for me, since I don't know exactly why I haven't been able to get pregnant. I really think that going to the fertility doctor will at least give me some peace of mind and most importantly answers! Well, ladies I am working from home today and I better get some work done! Thanks for reading my vent! love ya girls!


babybrain32 - March 7

Hello everybody!!! I finally got on! They have really confused me with the new changes they've made to the website. Anywho. Ooooo luv hurry back and tell how your appt went. I'm so excited to see how things go. Best wishes girlie!!! Hey Kay. What's up girlfriend. Nothing too much over here. London just turned 4 on the 2nd and KJ is 11mos today. Man how time flys huh? No not yet Kay. He can stand by himself but he is really scared to walk or something. They are practicing with him at school (which I'm sooo happy about). He has only taken 2 independent steps on his own. I'm not rushing him though. As long as he walks before London does. Girl she didn't start until 1 to 2 months "after" she turned a year old. She was the biggest thing crawling around. LOL Hey so Ace is how old now? I gotta check myspace to see how big he's gotten. How Lissa? Any plans for spring break? I wanted to go to Sea World. Don't know yet. Anywho. I was just stopping thru. Can't wait to hear from you girlies. Holla back. Smooches =)


luvmyike - March 9

Hey ladies, I just wanted to update you all on my fertility doctor appointment. Really, we don't have any news just yet. Dh has to get blood work done as well as another sperm a___lysis. so I need prayers, prayers and more prayers! I really want a baby with my husband, not with donor sperm. The doc also put me on some bc pills to surpress the endometriosis prior to starting the fertility treatment process. So, keep me in your prayers and I will be back to give results as soon as I know something! Peace!


kay101 - March 10

Am I the only one who hates when they change the site? I'm SO happy you finally got into another appointment luv! It seems like you'll find out a lot when you get the results back and where to go from there and you've started on the fertility process. This is such a stupid question but that means really no ttc in the meantime right? Any idea how long? It's perfectly natural for you to feel how you do about your godsister and friend. You know you're happy for them and shouldn't feel bad for wanting the same thing at all. I'm just so excited to some progress and anxious to see what happens next :D Babybrain! That little boy of mine is 10 months old and STILL does not sleep through the night. Liss is doing great and she's really excited to be planting flowers at school this week. She came home the other day and told me, "Mommy! There are cirrus clouds outside in the sky!" I had to think about which ones those were LOL I felt like I was on an episode of are you smarter than a 5th grader. Happy birthday to London! My b-day was on the 5th and we actually had a babysitter so we could go out alone together for a few hours.


luvmyike - March 13

No, Kay you are not the only one who hates it when they change the website! It is so confusing! Happy belated birthday girlie! I am glad that you and dh got to spend some time together! So, little man won't sleep through the night, huh? My niece is the same way and she is 18 months, but she just wakes up to talk to herself for an hour and then she goes back to sleep. It's so funny! Is he waking up to eat or play? My sister says that my niece either wants to talk or play, she never wants to eat! Which is kinda funny to me...she loves to eat! But anyways, there is no such thing as a stupid question! Especially when it comes to the complicated process of ttc! But you're right, no ttc this month. I need to call the doctor to ask how long is she going to keep me on pill. Like I said, it is just to surpress the endo and she said that all fertility procedures start with bc first. I guess to also help regulate hormone levels. Dh just told me yesterday, that he thinks that either he had a low count or a zero count again, because they said that depending on what the a___lysis shows that would determine if he had to give a urine sample or not. And so, he ended up having to give a urine sample. So...I am really nervous about the results. The doc said he could have retrograde sperm that goes into his bladder, or he could have a blockage that he was born with, or his hormone levels could be off. So prayerfully he has sperm somewhere!!! We have our follow-up appointment on the 27th! So, I am going to be praying my b___t off until then! By the way, I called in at work today. I didn't have any advis____nt appointments scheduled, so I decided it would be pointless to go to work. Dh and I are going home to Augusta, GA this weekend to help my godsister with her daughters 2nd birthday party! So, I guess I will eat a little breakfast and get up to start packing! Oh! Hey Babybrain! Hey Pammie and Pepper! Of course, i will keep you ladies updated on my fertility process...just be sure to brew up plenty of babydust, babyjuice and prayers! Chat with yall later!!!


kay101 - March 15

When are you getting the results back luv? I spent 4.5 hours at the dentist the other day. My mouth is still sore. I was supposed to just get a temporary crown but I had to have the root ca___l done over again because it got infected again. I didn't want to have it done when I was pregnant, it sucked, but oh well :/


luvmyike - March 18

Hey ladies! We are getting our results back on the 25th! It seems like the days are dragging by!! But I am willing to be patient for good news!!! Nuthin much going on here just haven't been feeling well. At night time mostly. I have been getting nauseous every night since I started back on the bc. So I guess the bc is the culprit. I am going to have my doc change it to YAZ. Kay, I hope your mouth is feeling better!


kay101 - March 21

Yep, I'm doing ok. Just a few more days! Nothing special going on here, curtis just went to pick us up some chinese food. I swore I wasn't going to buy liss a bunch of stuff for her birthday because she already has so much, but I made the mistake of going in toys r us and it's so much fun to look at all the stuff. I want to maybe get some Dr. Suess books, but I know it'd be a lot cheaper to get them on ebay.


luvmyike - March 25

GREAT NEWS! The results are in!!!! Dh has 900,000 spermies!! Whoohooo!! Although this is considered as a low sperm count(a normal count is 40 million)I am just glad that donor sperm is not an option!!!! I can have my husband's child!!!!! In addition to the low sperm count they also have low motility. So the doc said they probably die before they can get to my we are going to have to do IVF! Depending on if and when we can come up with the money will determine when we can do it. If he gets this job that he will interview for in a couple of weeks then we will only have to come up with $2100! This is great since this is a $20,000 procedure!! Well, thanks for your prayers ladies and keep praying cause now we just have to come up with the money. Right now I am scheduled to go through the IVF cycle in August. Which means I should get pregnant in AUGUST!!! So basically, I will get pregnant this year! So get ready honorary godmothers!!! Ca__si and Isaiah are on the way!Yippppeeeee!!!


babybrain32 - March 27

Oh my God! Luv that is great news! I am sooooo excited for you! I almost started crying. I can't wait! Well I'm in cla__s sneaking a note in so I will come back later to chat. Yippeeee! Hey Kay! What's upper girlie? Hope your mouth is feeling better by now. Been there done that. Oh and my lil bugger is taking a few more steps now. "Terror" on the loose. LOL! Gotta go girls. Smooches.


kay101 - March 29

Oh luv I'm so happy for you! When I first read 900,000 I thought whoa dh! LOL my goodness.....40 million. I can't even begin to imagine how excited and relieved you must be. I hope dh gets the job so it can make the process easier and faster for the two of you. You deserve this SO much. I'm doing good babybrain. Ace is still scared to let go and cries if you try to let go of him when he's standing up. He did let go of the dishwasher and just stand there for a second today though. I think he's waiting till he's ready and will walk all the way across the floor rather than taking one or two steps.


luvmyike - March 31

Hey ladies!! More good news!! Dh got the job! which means the IVF procedure will be paid for! Whoohoo!!! I am the happiest I have been in a long time! I just can't wait until we can get started with the IVF procedure. The next cycle will be in August and so Dh and I have pretty much agreed that we will start the process then. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I just cannot imagine how I would have gotten through this frustrating time with you guys! Hey Kay, do you still have those maternity clothes waiting for me? If so, I will be needing them soon!! I really hope and pray that we never loose touch. You girls will always be a special part of my life! Pammie and pepper!! we would really like to hear from you girls! Hope that all is well with you both! Babybrain, just think...this bond that we all have started with me and you!! Kay I think we started chatting with you not long after right? I just can't believe that it has been almost 3 years!!! Well, ladies I better get back to my homework! I will be checking back in soon! Luv, Peace and baby feet!!!! smile!


babybrain32 - April 8

OMG!!! That is fantastic Luv!!!! I am sooooo happy. Tell DH congrats for me. Yippeee! IVF comin right up! My girlie is gonna finally have a little "bean". It's official. I have tears now. LOL! I know if I'm feeling warm internally, I could only imagine the joys you're feeling. Oh I know! We have been connected for a looooooong time. I remember when we started our first 2ww. Wow the memories. We have been such good friends and amazingly we've never met personally. I really hope that one day we all can set something up to see each other. Hey maybe once your baby comes (of course months after birth) we can set up a little vacation (1-2days) with just us girls. Just so we all can hang out. Oooooo maybe Vegas! Look I'm getting excited already heehee =) Well babygirl, that's the best news I've heard today. Congrats to you and DH. I love ya girl! Hey Kay. I guess both our little buggers are doing the same things. How cute right? Well trust me, when they do start walkin, we're gonna be in a world of trouble =) Hey his first birthday was YESTERDAY! Can't believe its been a year already. Time really flys. I still can't believe I have TWO kids now.


luvmyike - April 11

Vegas sounds good to me babybrain! That would be really nice and I am sure a much needed break for us as mommies! OMG! I have a feeling I am going to end up with twins! I won't mind though, cause I think I would rather have twins and get my two babies in one pregnancy! I am hoping for a boy and a girl, so that I can have one of each! So get your babydust ready! I need double doses! Aww! Happy belated first birthday to KJ! WOW! babybrain i can not believe he is one already! Well, ladies just know that I look forward to getting lots of advice from you girls! I am going to need all of the help that I can get! Luv you girls!


kay101 - April 15

I am a bad little poster! Luv I'm soooooo happy for you! It must feel incredible to have a new goal in sight and be so close. I'm glad dh got the job and made it possible for the opportunity to come so soon. I have vacation the 12th - 20th and I'm hoping to go down to VA. I've always wanted to go to a casino! LOL we have one about 2.5 hours away but Vegas would be fun. Aw happy birthday to KJ! I can't believe he's a year old. I can't believe Ace is almost a year old! Ladies, I officially have a walker. This little guy barely wants anything to do with me anymore. He's so wobbly and walks with his hands up in the air and just laughs and totters all over.


babybrain32 - May 3

Hey guys! Guess who's walking now?! Its official. He started about 2wks ago. Now he's gone with the wind. LOL I can put him down and he'll just go. Its the cutest thing ever! I'm soooo super excited. Hey Kay. How's your lil man doing? He's a lil younger than KJ but I remember him doing the same things at the same time as my son. Your son was moving fast. How's Lissa? What y'all doing this summer? Hey Luv bug. LOL What's new on your end. Hey we are getting closer to the first IVF visit right? Oooooo I can't wait. Your time has finally come. Yippeeeeee!!!! Hope you don't end up being like the octo-mom. LOL! Only kidding. Hey guys get back with me soon. Miss ya much. Muah!



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