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Angie - April 24

When do you think it would show up on a home pregnancy test. I'm thinking to test on Thursday the 28th, but dont know if it would show before that. The reason I know my levels were a 1 is because I miscarried on 3-27 and they were watching my levels drop. On 4-18 they said it was a one and no reason for another blood test. Any help would be great. Loads of baby dust.


... - April 24

Anyone answer?


Grandpa Viv - April 24

You're going back into battle in a hurry! You haven't even re-established your cycle for sure. If you have reason to think you are pregnant I would for sure wait until next Saturday to test, and expect to have to test a week later too. Good luck!


Concerned - April 24

Why are you trying so soon after your m/c? I know it's hard losing a baby (I have had 2 losses myself), but you need to think about the risk to the baby you might become pregnant with so soon. Granted there is always a risk with every pregnancy, but you are obviously alot more at risk. I really hope you have cleared your health with the Dr. and they have no reason to think that you can't carry a healthy baby to term. If you haven't checked with your Dr. and made sure that things are okay, then I'm sorry, but it doesn't sound to me like you're being very responsible. Please think about the innocent baby that you might be putting at risk.


Angie - April 24

Thank you very much concerned.. do you honestly think I'd jump back on the have lets have a baby band wagon if my dr. didnt ok it? He told me the only reason some dr.s tell you to wait is so they can get an acurate due date. So yes I am responsible and I am thinking of a baby. Glad to know this site is full of such friendly people. I will leave you all alone and not come back to this site. I was looking for support and answers and got nothing but rudeness.


Roberta - April 24

Angie-Concerned is just that. Being concerned. It is not like she came right out and gave you a rude answer. She was just saying if you haven't checked with your Dr, then you are being irresponsible. She didn't just say you are irresponsible and that was that. She was giving two possibilities basically. Hey, at least she said she was sorry before she even suggested that. Good luck though! Baby dust to all!!!


To Angie - April 25

Why R U testing 10 days later? Do you think your pregnant again? This makes no sense. When do I think What would show up on a pregnancy test? Your doctor is a wack! You just had a M/C. You need to rest and cycle a few times.But that is JUST MY OPINION. If you are leaving because you don't like the answer to your post perhaps you should be willing to add a little more info.Or place a disclaimer " I am very sensitve". Lady Give me a break


Bump - April 25




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