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MAU - April 11

I noticed today that I am getting those little while bumps on areola, and in double rows... been very gassy, tired, and body feels warmer.hubby says my body has been alot warmer... Sore BBS and swollen.. been that way for lil over 6 wks now..Not supposed to have af til 14th..last af was mar 16 but very light.. any thoughts would be of great help


Grandpa Viv - April 11

You are suggesting you are 8 weeks pregnant, in which case a home test should certainly tell the story. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins, and now would be a good time to make a clinic or doctor appointment.


Mau - April 11

I took a hpt mar 21 it came back neg... was that too soon


bump - April 11

bump it up to Viv


bump - April 12



jessey - April 12

can you get those bumps around period time and then they go away?????????


mau - April 12

to Jessey:I really dont know.. I never notice them before lol. thats why I asked about them


jeesey - April 12

grandpa viv?


To Mau - April 14

Have u tested? I'm on same boats with dates as well. Af coming isn't reliable sign though b/c mine is always late, but last month very I get signs like you and more and more mt's. I tested last week my negative, however now I think otherwise because it was sort of like a faint horizontal line which means defective. My bbs are not sore but look very diff. Darkened areola and alot of mt's...nipples stick out and areola bigger. Can this just be hormones?


MAU - April 14

yea my af was to start today.. did at 9 this morn.. but I havent even went thru a pad yet... an its been almost 12 hrs now..thats even after spending a few hrs with my daughter shopping ... my areaola havent gotten darker, I just have the bumps.. they are still sore and feel bruised inside... I am gonna wait til this "spotting " like stuff stops and go ahead and do a test..because last mo... exactly 30 days ago. my af was just as weird and lite.. I normally start off with a heavy flow and it lasts from 5-7 days.. and go thru almost a whole pack of pads.. I only went thru 5 last month.. and that was only cause I was keeping an eye on it.. I havent even went thru 1 yet.. so I honestly dont know ...keep me updated tho



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