Montgomery S Tubercules

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ButterCup - April 11

what do they look like? stupid question i know bt i have been wondering for some time now...


Lala - April 11

not a stupid question. Most women have them a little bit all the time. There are those goose-bump appering bumps on the the areolas around the nipple. You know, they show up more when you're cold. LOL! They increase in number when you're pregnant/nursing. That's because they serve for lubrication/antibacterial purposes when nursing.


Emma2 - April 12

Soon after a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she will begin to notice some dramatic changes in her b___sts. The glands of Montgomery, or Montgomery's tubercles, are the tiny ‘bumps’ scattered around the areola (the darker area which rings the nipple). During pregnancy these glands enlarge and they remain enlarged while b___st-feeding. They can vary greatly in number, averaging between four and 28 per areola. Montgomery originally described these glands as ‘a constellation of miniature nipples scattered over a milky way’. It is believed that these sebaceous, or oil-producing glands, secrete a lubricating and protective substance, altering the skin's pH and discouraging bacterial growth. These glands also secrete a small amount of milk. These lubrications help to keep the skin healthy and the areola elastic. To preserve the anti-bacterial function of Montgomery's tubercles, rinsing with clear water while bathing will be sufficient. The use of soap on the b___sts is unnecessary and may remove these protective oils.


Amber #2 - April 12

Hmm...that's interesting because after I read your post I started thinking about it and I do not ever wash my b___sts. It's not like I don't wash them on purpose, I just never have. I do wash underneat and all around but not on them. I never really even thought about it.


Amber #2 - April 12

Now that you all know my bathing routine, lol, I feel kind of stupid for writing about that! I probably could have just kept my last thoughts in my head rather then typing a post about them! :)


amyn - April 12

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and don't have them yet, I think every pregnancy is different


Emma2 - April 12

hahahahahahahahah Amber that was funny.....I always wash them with soap and sometimes it dries out my nipples. I think its best to just wash with soap around and just plain water on the nipple.


LadyD - April 13

When I was pg, I never noticed that, either. I never had big b___st EVER, not even when I was pg. I only noticed a change in b___st size after I gave birth. My b___sts disappeared again soon after the birth too b/c I did not b___st feed (it felt Like amyn said, every pg is different. I only gained 12 lbs and lose 18 after I gave birth. I know, my body is weird (lol).


curly - April 13

wow you only gained 12 in 9 months thats amazing?


Emma2 - April 13 are one of the lucky ones only gaining that little. Are you naturally really thin?


SweetP - April 13

Its so weird how our bodies act. I'm on CD7, but I've noticed more of those "bumps" on my nips. And I mean quite a few more, but I'm pretty sure I'm not pg. Anyway, since we're on bathing techniques :-). I wash them just like everything else, but I'm also careful not to leave them out of the lotioning process afterwards.


amyn - April 13

Emma2 talk about dry nipples, I just noticed the other day one of mine was dry and flaky, gross. I do wash with soap, but I also use lotion, maybe I'll stop washing and just rinsing.. hmmm


TH - October 18

Funny! I squeezed a few of them just this week because i thought they looked like ripe pimples that needed squeezing. I had no idea these were a__sociated with pregnancy. Is there anything else that causes them? My period is due next week Monday and I have no symptoms of pregnancy. I've been having unprotected s_x though.


wrightofway - October 18

After you give birth, if you don't b___st feed, do these things go away? My son is 8 months old, so I am curious -- never really got more than like 3 on either b___st, and I think they're about gone now. Just found out I'm 5.5 weeks pregnant again!! Will they come back!? Will there be more of them?? Great Post!


lawlady72 - October 19

weird b___st issues....well my daughter is 5 and I haven't completely dried out! I still get small dots of b___st milk if they are squeezed which my hubby pointed out (TMI) so I checked and he's right!!!


krissy2006 - October 19

Ok, ladies question related to this topic. I have always had tons of montgomery tubercules (never PG ever) I would say maybe 15-20 on each areola. And they have always been very prominent. Now that I am in my 2ww they suddenly disappeared and my nipples are suddenly laying flat which is NOT NORMAL. They usually stick out all the time like I'm cold. What could this mean?


niecy - October 21

answering th. Hi Th. i squeeze them too I found some on me too.i took a preg test today 10/21/06 and im 11dpo and the test was neg.



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