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steffwannababy - April 8

Ok so I got my AF very heavy this month. I had the weirdest dream last night. My cousin is PG and I drempt that she got in a car accident and died but the baby lived and her boyfriend told us to keep the baby that he didnt knw what to do with it. Then it switches to the hospital were my other cousin was killed in a diff car accident. His ex wife came to get the kids and I walked into the room and found my husband with her. It was the weirdest dream. Thank God both my cousins are ok we are a tight family and I know my husband would never cheat on me it just didnt make sence. Any how I made a Dr. Appt and so did my husband to get checked out to see if we are having issues.


steffwannababy - April 8

Babydreams) Isn't this the most weird dream?


Babywishes - April 9

hey sweetie when a rleative or a person you know dies ina dream it is usually the opposite of bad, it just means the end of sumthin, maybe the end of a cycle? lol i know mine has ended cause i am spotting, sometimes birth or babies are new begginings, i think this is all a link to a fresh cycle, in regards to your husbands inferdelity i find thats usually just an indication If your dream included you cheating on your partner it might be a sign of guilt, or even your need to explore your s_xuality. If your partner is cheating on you in your dream this might indicate inner fears of abandonment or lack of self-esteem. To be honest i just think it's because we are ttc and it's starting to toy a bit with our emotions it's making us feel worthless, I can tell u and ur partner are not cheaters, but usually dreams have little underlying messages, cheating affects your self esteem very much like ttc does, this is all to do with 3 main things 'DEATH (THE ENDING) BIRTH/BABY (THE BEGGINING), AND CHEATING (SELF ESTEEM). It kinda ll makes sense ina way, but i can relate to how you feel, my dreams were horrible the other nite i dreamt my dad and my partner died, ina war of the worlds sort of dream, pretty much is me dealing with my own battles! Lol, so dont be too discouraged hun :). Howz things going?


steffwannababy - April 9

I am so glad you came back on Babywishes. I hate those end of times dreams how nasty for you to have that dream. Maybe like you said it could mean you ending the ttc and will in fact get PG. How long have you been trying? How old are you?


Babywishes - April 10

Hey hun i been trying for about 10 months, but that includes miscarriage, I am def out this month i have full flow now , which really doesnt upset me cause it means everything is working properly and i ave a period which is good, somethings working lol! I am almost 22 lol, in 2 hours, i turn 22 on the 11th of april, so big birthday celebrations for me! lol and the best part is I CAN DRINK! lol, my friends organised a night out tommorow night so i am excited, i had my hair done tonite bought a pretty dress lol so all excited! lol i am thinking of taking a break of this cycle df and i fly out to indonesia in 6 weeks so i think the break will do us good, i'm doing no charting poks nothing lol! TTC is just way too stressful but i will be here waiting for ur bfp with you lol! Baby Juice


steffwannababy - April 10

OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so happy that you can now drink lol. Wow 10 mnths its been a long tiime for me to Im starting to think I have blocked tubes or something. I wish I could give you my email on here. I think I am ganna buy the cheri prediction. For the fun of it I dont think any of that is true but what the heck I need to laugh


Babywishes - April 11

Thanks hun, hey i have msn if you do my email is Snookle _ bunny 03 at hotmail . c o m just join the spaces, hey dont stress too mcuh you will always think sumthin is wwrong but your body is just not ready yet. we will have our dream babies i promise. I did the cheri prediction and she was right last november i was pregnant hwoever i miscarried at 6 weeks :( anyway hun i will def speak to u soon Baby Juice


steffwannababy - April 11

Ok I just sent you an email let me know when you get it



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