Morning After Bill

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Missy - March 29

My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x today (3/28/05) it is now 24 hrs since then. He wants me to take the morning after pill but I am almost 100% sure that I have already ovliated. Last week I had the white thick like lotion egg white discharge along with small cramps, which is typical when I ovliated. My problem is, if the egg is already firtalized by the time I get the pill, it (the pill) would cause the egg to die and that goes past my morals and values... I'm so confused.. I want to take it but I shouldn't of had unprotected s_x and if their is a chance the egg is or will be firtalized by the time I'm able to get the pill... and I take and it and it causes the egg to die... that is just as bad as abortion in my eyes. I have to go to my doctores and then to Fredmeyers to get the pill but I am not sure if I can even get in to my docoters tomorrow on short notice. I am really confused. Has anyone here taken it before? Any advice would SO greatly apperciated! I will be checking back my post in the morning, it's around 2:00 am right now.


ellie - March 29

hunni, if u dont wanna b pregnant, go and get it! it doesnt kill the egg, it prevents the egg from fertilising, and also prevents ummm.. i cant remember it was about 6 months ago..but go to the chemist and talk to them, i have taken it before, and it is safe. you have to take it within 72hrs of having s_x, otherwise it wont work, as ferlilisation would have already taken place. after i took it, it made me think twice about having unprotected.. it was really expensive, here in australia you can just get it from the chemist, but you have to be over 16.. i was 15 when i needed it, so i got a friend to get it.. it had alot of information in the packet about what it does. i am against abortion as well, but the morning after pill is a smart decision as it gets to the egg before it becomes a baby. hope it all goes well. i am pretty sure u will b able to get to the doctor, as it is an emergency..


Audrey - March 29

Missy- The morning-after pill will work up to 72 hours after the act. From what you have said, you were ovulating at the time you had s_x, which increases the chances of you becoming pregnant. The pill doesn't cause the egg to die, it causes the lining of the uterus to shed, bringing on a period. This prevents the egg from implanting. I've had to do this myself and it's quite safe. Best wishes!



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