Morning After Pill And Pregnancy

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confused01 - May 29

i was wondering if you ladies could help me. i took the morning after pill last month. the condom broke and i took the pill that same afternoon. i was due for a period thre days after and i had a period then. I had a regualr period with heavy cramps. After that me and my bf still use condoms and the condom has never broke. once we used the withdrawl method and he is sure he didnt even prec_m inside of me. today is the 28th and i had cramps today and just some pink spotting. my regular period is usually on the 3rd. today after the spotting ive had nothing. could i be pregnant? i do not have any other symptoms. could i still be pregnant? please help me as i need to know what i should do next. THANKS


Lin - May 29

He is sure he didn't even prec_m inside of you? Uh uh, sorry but you've been had. He lied. He has no way of knowing how much prec_m made its way out of him and into you, and withdrawl is in no way a form of birth control. You could definitely be pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - May 29

The morning after pill is an overdose of hormones which often throw the cycle for a loop, and can mimic signs of pregnancy. You were lucky to have your period come on time. Actually, 3 days before period due is not in your fertile window, and EC was overkill. You did not get pregnant that month. Today you describe something akin to implantation spotting with untimely cramps (?tugging feeling). If your no-condom experiment was the weekend of the 5/20, 2 weeks ahead of your expected period 6/3, then you would have hit your fertile window on the nose, and pregnancy this month is possible. If you start to experience body function changes this week (fatigue, peeing, unusual cramps, more upset gut, lotion discharge, unusually emotional, headache, low backache, runny nose, acne breakout, b___b sensations) then you will be buyng home pregnany tests (hpt) to run on first morning urine (fmu) next weekend and again the weekend after. Good luck!


Emma2 - May 29

Pull put has gotten many women pregnant. He cannot possible know whether there was some s____n just ready to come out. It is not a reliable method of BC and it does fail. As for ECP it does NOT delay , mimic or really change your symtoms or cycle greatly. I have take in numerous times and found nothing different.



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