Moving Stomach

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baby_patojo - July 24

weird never happened to me but can anyone tell me why .. is it promising or something when your belly moves... ?? picture this .. as if u had Gelatin in a plate u know how wobbly that is ?? yeah it feel like that it moves all of a sudden, and then today its like hmmm something moves ... today it was a little bit longer, usually u feel somethign move and when i want to check it stops.. so yeah today it wasent that jelly feeling... more like somethign moving....


newbaby2009 - July 24

Um, i dont think so. The baby is the size of a poppie seed til around 8 weeks. There is no way you would feel it move.


kristine-- - July 24

i'm with 'newbaby' on this one..


jendean00 - July 24

It could be gas....I know I have those times where I feel movement and I know I am not pregnant. I have never seen my belly move except when I wsa pregnant but that was later on in my pregnancy.


lillybug - July 24

your muscles in that area move alot but when you're trying to concieve or early in pregnancy you feel the movement even more. Are you pregnant? ~~~ In Fact, many pregnant girls don't feel kicks or movement until three plus months pregnant.


baby_patojo - July 24

right now, hmmm im pretty sure its not gas cause i dont know about you ladies, but i do know when it is and its not, and i agree that u know a baby is too small to feel and say oh its the baby (and even if u could feel it this early i be glowing!) hmmmm now i might wanna think about what LILLYBUG said cause it sound more .... i dont know... then again it might be gas but i higly doub it! and me pregnant .... i think so, i go with what my heart saying, many people said so too! but no proof of any tests for the moment cause as far as ht's they came out negative, my doctor refused to do a blood test on me, and when she say me so.... down like that she told me she would but the lab was closed, but im about to be amonth late and so on, i pretty much kept u guys posted on this.. and i repeat i never had this feeling before, so i didnt know what to think i though as most of you's said it cant be the baby its wayy to soon ... for that, but u never know there are some weird pregnancy signs ... =]


baby_patojo - July 26

now how is it possible that i get that, have u ever felt (try and remember now, cause it happened to me yesterday on my leg) that your "muscles" start moving all of a sudden they just moved (that happen to me at church yesterday i was cold but my muscles on my right leg started acting up... i dont know if you know what i mean ) but thats exactly or close to how i feel in my belly, and today i actually had my hand there!


Ms.Aren - July 27

Maybe you should see another doctor (not a pregnancy doctor) about that because I'm 20 weeks and felt the baby plenty and it feels nothing like what you're describing. Sorry.



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