Mrose R U Around

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Elda79 - June 29

Hey girl, how are you? I don't know if you're still around but I was just wondering if you started your clomid yet. Let me know how things are going ok? Baby dust


mrose - June 29

hey Elda, it's good to hear from you! How are you and the little one doing? I hope everything is well. Well I had to go on proverra again, just started spotting a couple days ago, so af should be full force in a day or so. dr wants me to do one more cycle, using opks to see if i ovulate normally. i have to use those starting on cd 10 for two weeks. if i do not ovulate, she will prescribe proverra again and then i'll start clomid cd 3-7. so we shall see....this cycle i'm trying baby asprin, musinex and green tea, along with the opks and i'm still on metformin...hoping i can get pg without clomid. let me know how you are doing!


Elda79 - June 30

Hey - there you are:) I'm glad to hear everything is going on well for you. I will pray that you have your bfp really soon so you won't have the need to start clomid, but even if you do have to start it in the future, I think it's pretty safe and I know lots of moms that have healthy and safe pg's with the help of clomid. I am doing all right - last month was really hard with the morning sickness and everything. I'm almost 10 weeks and I started to enjoy food again, can't wait till first trimester is over... Have you seen any of the others? Happiness? Becca? is there anything new with them? I can't wait to hear your good news - keep me posted ok? Cheers and baby dust of course ;)


mrose - June 30

I'm glad that your morning sickness went away finially. I would give anything to have morning sickness. I have been very nausius and throwing up this morning, I am not sure why. When my sugar level drops I get that way but I ate something, and normally that helps but nope, it just came right back up. i told my dh that if I hadn't been spotting for 4 days straight, I might would get my hopes up that it was morning sickness...but I took 10 days of proverra, that's very dangerous if you are pg so i doubt i am...they did a pg test just a urine one before giving me proverra, but i just keep thinking, it could have been too soon. according to ff, i may have ovulated, and if i did it was only a few days before starting the proverra. so now i don't know what to think. i haven't seen any of them lately, so i'm not sure how they are doing. You keep me posted though...are you going to find out the s_x as soon as they are able to tell or do you want it to be a surprise?


Becca - June 30

Hi Ladies. I'm still here. Been mostly hanging around in the "Clomid Club". I took clomid for 1 month and it was awful for me, so I stopped. I'm going to an RE on July 10th to have some more testing done. I might try clomid again if I can do it under closer supervision. Mrose, that is a unique situation. I'm not really sure what to tell you because I don't know much about proverra. Is it pregesterone? If you think you might be pg then maybe you should take another hpt and if it comes back BFP, then call your doctor. Sorry, I can't be much help! Let us know how it goes!


Happiness4e - July 2

Good morning ladies, Elda, thanks for asking about me, I am still around, and nothing to report other than, I decided this month is my last month TTC, its taking over my life, so no more TTC, if it happens that’s fine, if it does not , then its not meant to be. I am glad to hear about your progress, it must be the best bad days in your life : ) : ). Mrose, I am so sorry about what you going through, but it will pay off very soon for you and your DH. Please keep me posted about your progress. Becca, how are you doing? Anyway, I will be checking in soon. God bless.


Elda79 - July 5

Hi ladies - I hope you all had a great 4th of July. Mine was awesome - we went to Canada to visit my uncles and had soooo much fun. Happiness - I'm so happy to hear you are doing well. Sorry that you feel a little down regarding ttc'ing but please don't give up. It will happen. It happened to me after 10 months of ttc'ing and 3 m/c's. I don't remember how long have you been ttc'ing for but I know couples who conceived after 3-4 years of ttc. Please don't give up!!! Becca I'm happy to hear that you are doing well as well :) Good luck and lots of baby dust ladies. Oh and mrose I will definetely find out the s_x - we are so curious to know - I can never wait plus I need to know so I can start shopping for my baby:) Talk to ya later



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