Much Lighter Af Any Thoughts

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sammykjo - July 12

Here is my situation. Saturday and Sunday I had a brownish discharge...this happened last month right before af too though. then Monday af started and it was pretty heavy later in the day and into Tuesday morning. Later Tuesday and today, there is hardly anything on the tampon! I usually have a 5-6 day af and not at all this light. Now there have been times when it will lighten up and then get heavy thats what I'm waiting on. I did think about the posibility of being pregnant yesterday and tested when I got home, but I got a bfn. As far as possible symptoms...I'm just extra tired and hungry all the time. I'm really trying not to think about it and stress over it, but it is so confusing, you know. Tonight after work I even came home and worked out thinking that would bring back the flow...nope. So now on only day 3 of af I'm not even using a tampon. I'm going to just see if it comes back. Any thoughts about if I could possibly be pregnant??


kaylas mom - July 12

let me know. i was 9 days late for af and then she shows up. it is not heavy yet like it usually is. let me know


timbits - July 12

I am in the same boat. I got light bleeding and then it got heavy for a couple of hours and now it is really when AF is coming to an end. I still have all the pg symptoms...tired, hunger, headaches, nausea, high temp. and I have no idea of what to make of this.


sammykjo - July 13

Well I didn't wear anything more than a panty liner over night and this morning I had like the very tail end of least that is what it seems like. So if this is truly the end, then it lasted all of 4 days and was totally lighter than usual. That is not common for me at all...before nor during bcps. I'm not really complaining, cause this was nice. It just causes some confusion when trying to figure out if you are pg or not. I may do another test in like a week just to make sure.


JustMe - July 13

I'm in the same boat. Was suppose to start AF on the 8th, and have had some brown discharge for the past two days, but no blood?


jeanette - July 13

From what I know, If you have had any kind of heavy red flow then that is your matter how long it lasted...sometimes our bodies can do that. Some cycles my AF is 5 days, sometimes its 2. (Now the brown discharge only may have been implantation, especially if your AF is still not here ).....if you are concerned, I'd suggest a blood test at the doc's, or testing in another week....otherwise I'd count it as a period. Good luck girls!


JustMe - July 13

I'm still having just the brown discharge? I might test here this weekend, just to make sure. Do you could the day you started with brown Dischard as your 1st cycle day for calendar purposes? Or wait until AF gets here?


jeanette - July 13

CD1 is the first day of red flow.


timbits - July 13

Well, if this was AF then it was very short and light. It only lasted a day and a half and it was heavy for only a couple of hours. Usually AF is heavy for 2 days and lasts 4 to 5 days.



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