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Caz - February 28

Hi, quick question. My period is due March 7th, and for the past 5 or so days, I've had a mucus plug, which covers the whole thing. Sign of pg?


MandyD - February 28

Yes, Caz, the mucus plug is something you have when you are pregnant, but I'm not sure how long after conception/implantation that forms. Good luck!!


Candice - February 28

does anyone know when this would occur? i have it too. it's also covering the hole completely, and it's like a white blob. is yours the same? is this always a sign of being preggo?


Grandpa Viv - February 28

Thanks for your post. The plug does start forming quite early according to the literature. Starting 12 days before AF stretches the time parameters. Implantation is not until about 7 days before AF. What most women report on is the wet v____a. There is lots of interest here on what the cervix does in the first weeks. Tell us if yours stays high after ovulation, or if it descends and hardens first, then goes soft and high later. Thank you so much.


c - February 28

This mucus plug, do you have it all the time or just for a day?


Caz - March 1

Just to update. I'm 6dpo, the mucus plug is till there, and my cervix is super low, very soft, and covered in cm. There haven't been any changes to my cervix since ovulation. I'll update as and when these changes occur. Hope it helps =)


christine - March 1

what is a mucus plug? and do i tell if i have it??


?? - March 1

can u actually see this mugus plug fingin or is it just summit u feel, as im feelin wet n have been for the past few days down there n i missed AF 3days late now, have all other signs aswell, sore b___bs back, tired peeing alot, blue veins etc etc, but now this mugus plug fingy has got me all confused


c - March 1

is the mucus plug something that comes out? when i was going to the bathroom there was no discharge on my panties, but on the toilet paper a lot. i dont knw if im preg. but the mucus plug would def. be a sign.


Caz - March 3

8dpo: My cervix has now risen up, and it's hard and closed. Although, not super hard. It feels as though it has a thin "squishy" layer surrounding it. This could just be the mucus though, which is still very much there. Best wishes =)


confused - March 3

am confused.whats a mucus plug?and how do you know if you have one? x


Caz - March 3

It's a collection of mucus that blocks your cervix during pregnancy, and prevents infection to the baby and your uterus. I only noticed mine when my cervix was super low, and using a hand held mirror, I could see a white blob covering it. Even now that it's risen up, I can still feel the discharge which has formed on it. Baby dust x



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