Mucus Plug

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danalu - June 7

I am 38 weeks and I had an internal yesterday. The doc told me I may have some spotting, but later in the evening I noticed stringy blood tinged type of spotting that kinda lasted til this morning - could an internal loosen the plug?? Last week I was 80% effaced, but my cervix was completely closed - this week she said I was about 1cm dialted - would this be the mucas plug they talk of?? I heard labor will start within a week to 2 weeks after this "falls out". Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!


Danielle26 - June 7

If you were already dilated than your mucus plug already came out. At this point in your pregnancy your cervix is very easily irritated, so the examination can definitely cause some bleeding, cramping too. Most women don't notice when they lose their mucus plug. I didn't. Hope I helped a little. Congrats on your coming baby!!


andrea2 - June 7

With my first I went to the doctor and she said I was 1 to 2 cm dialated. Later that week I saw my mucus plug and it sounds exactly how you described it. I had my bab a week after the doctor visit.


dedaa - June 7

I lost my mucous plug way before I was dilated but I did go into labor that week. You do not have to be dilated to lose it. For me the day I went into labor which is funny I was going to the hospitel to get a non stress test done cause I was overdue and my water broke in the parking lot. I still wasn`t dilated when I went in. I think that my mucous plus came out because I had my membrenes swept.


krisowens - June 7

i stayed dialated at a 2 for 3 weeks..when i went into labor is when i lost my "plug"


staci - June 7

I also stayed dialated at 2 for a week or 2 and finally at 6 days late i started to get contractions and lost my plug a few hours later..then when i went to the hospital after 8 hours of labor i was still only at 2....Everyone is different...the internal could have irritated it a bit causing you to lose some or all of your plug..was it alot? i know mine was a lot and came out for hours..good luck and congrats!



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