My AF Is Due Today Anyone Like To Wait Together

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Gigi - August 1

Hi everyone whose AF is due today or in the next couple of days :-) My symptoms today are: nausea, heartburn, the runs, moodiness, fatigue, stuffy nose, backache, temp. of 98.2... all last night I was sweating in bed and I never get that hot! I tested this morning with an EPT but got a BFN - snif! I'm hoping it;s just because my hCG's aren't strong enough to be detected yet... Anybody else tested today? I guess I'll wait a couple more days before testing again, that is if AF doesn't show up. I read in the "Pregnancy Tests" link that many women get many negatives, even weeks or months into their pregnancies even though they do turn out to be pregnant! So I hope that gives a few of you some added hope ; -) Good luck everyone and lots of baby dust to you!


r - August 1

i am 3 days late i have had cramping all week but its gone now and i had very bad backache last night but that has gone jus slight cramp now. moodiness fading a little, was reall bad at beginning of week kept crying over nothing. feeling ok now though no symptoms really but 3 days late not my usual cm either its more like lotion


Gigi - August 1

Hi r - have you tested yet? Do you ever have a late AF, or does she come like clockwork? Mine has been about every 26 days give or take a day, but very regular, so if AF doesn't show today, I sure hope she won't in the next few days, which would make me late too. Does anyone recommend waiting a few days past AF to test again after a BFN on day AF is due? Thanks for ANY imput!


bump - August 1



Chas - August 1

Hi Gigi... Af was due 7/31, still not here, tested this morning BFN! I'm still trying to be optimistic. As long as af doesn't show up there is still hope. I have only been late one other time since we have been trying (8 months) usually I am always early. So I am keeping my head up! I'm going to try not to think about it... and test this weekend if Af doesn't show. I talked to my bf today and she said she was 2 wks late before hers showed pos. so.. I think it just takes awhile. I guess thats why you always here of these girls who don't even realize they are prg. until 2-3 months! now I see why !!! Good luck, ~baby dust~


r - August 2

mine comes btween 23 and 29 days i am on day 32 now and no af still i had af signs all last week and i was crying now i have thrush and a bit of a lagging dull ache that comes and goes sometimes in my tummy. thats all though


r - August 2

and bfn hpt aswell


anon - August 2

id suggest testing with a first responce pregnancy test. they can detect pregnancy from 4 days before af is due so if you have the pregnancy hormone, which you should have now, it will detect it and you will get a BFP so get one of those and good luck. let us know the results if you do test!!


r - August 2

i will test using an early test on friday maybe sooner


Tania - August 2

To Gigi - My AF was due 31/07 . did a HPT today and sadly got a BFN . You have given me a little hope and I thank you for your positive input ! Good luck to you and all the other hopefulls .


r - August 2

tania wot symptoms do you have ?


Tania - August 2

Gigi - I have had cramping for the past 6-7 days and also on my right side . Slight nausea nothing to write home about and I feel very bloated.Must say I have never really taken notice of bloating before af . I have also had a very achy body in the morning,not sure if this could be a symptom though.BBS are sore...


Gigi - to Tania, r, Chas, anon - August 2

Hey Girls! Txs for all of your imut and support - right back at ya! Well, the good news for all of us is that we're all LATE! YEAH! And like they say, some women don't have a high enough hCG count for the stooooopid tests to detect - are any of you feeling as if AF could come at any moment? I'm one day late today, and I still feel nauseous, was sweating like a pig again last night, have a temp. of 98.7, a little high, and no pre-PMS cramps, jsut a dull ache down there that comes and goes, a light headache... I did use First Response 3 days ago and got a BFN, so I guess it didn't work for me, but some women have to wait 2 weeks or more after AF is due to get a BFP, so I'm not stressing too much... When will you all test again? Maybe I'll try again tomorrow morning if AF doesn't show today - Best of luck to ALL OF YOU!


lena - August 2

Good luck everyone! Gigi, your symptoms still look good for that BFP! Tania, r and Chas don't give up hope yet...My af came yesterday so I'm planning for next month. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong..I need to not plan anything and then maybe....a BFP.


hi all ! from Laureli - August 2

Anyone got AF or bfp yet? My AF due 8/1, so 2days late so far. Not uncommon for mine to come late though. Fingers crossed i pg. Tested on evening of 8/1 and BFN. Still hoping though. Lmp was 7/4, think we could've conceived on 7/16. Had spotting only on 7/22, but cramps since theb, felt little nauseaus on 8/1 for about 2hrs, then nauseaus all avo yesterday being 8/2. Best luck to all of us that we are! :)


Gigi - August 2

Hi everybody - any new news? I couldn't resist trying a First Response again today, and sadly got a BFN even though I'm one day late. So I will not test again unless AF doesn't show for awhile, maybe by this week-end... I still have hope, but if it's not meant to be this months oh well, my DH and I love trying LOL! It's so wierd though because I eally feel like I have lots of symptoms (all the ones that I've posted), just like all of you. I wish you more luck than I've had today, maybe it's smart to wait a week after AF is due for some of us, so as not be dissapointed... BABY DUST!!!!


Hi Gigi, from Laureli - August 2

I know the anxious feeling of wanting to know. I have cramps for 13days now. AF due 8/1, was thinking of testing Fri or this weekend if AF still not shown. Please keep me up to date if you can and I'll do the same. L x



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