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divamommy - May 10

Hi, ladies, I've been reding the boards for a few months now, thank you for all the wonderful things you are doing for women! So, now for my good news, I got my BFP 5 days ago..I'm 5 weeks...My due date is Jan.9th...what a great Cristmas/ New Years present!!! I f anyone has any questions or anything let me know.....


looby - May 10

HUGE, congratulations to you and Merry Christmas!


corinne - May 10

Congrats to you, well if I am pregnant I have the same due date as you so good luck. Gotta take another test cause the other one was a very faint positive and not sure if completely accurate. Best o luck to you.


Lin - May 10



snowbaby - May 10

Hi.....Congrats !! I know its great to have BFP. :-) ... i too am in my 5th week and due around the same time.. wanna email and keep in touch ?


want2beamummy - May 10

Congratulations Divamommy! ;) How long were you ttc? What were your symptoms? Thanks.


lavenda - May 10

Congratulations Divamommy. your due date is the same as mine.


LadyD - May 10

Congrats! Your baby is gonna share a birthday with my sister.. you will have your hands Just kidding, have a great nine months..and so on of course.


VenusdiMilo - May 10

Congratulations Divamommy. I'm wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy.


divamommy - May 10

Thanks everyone..I am really excited! I don't think you could say I was trying to concieve, we both just had the att_tude "if it happens, it happens" so maybe about 4 months...I'm glad some of us have the same due date so we can "b___h" to each symptoms were/are basically pms symptoms but b___bs are sore, and I mean really sore...I have the whole p___n star nipples and they were really sensitive, that kinda tapered off now it's not so bad....very emotional, and I still feel like I'm about to's weird I'm always praying when I go to the bathroom that it's not blood because it really feels like it....but thanks again to everyone for the good wishes....BABY DUST TO ALL!!


divamommy - May 10

Oh and did I mention the worst symptom I AM SO TIRED ALL THE TIME!!! it's if anyone has anymore questions I'm here


divamommy - May 10

to snowbaby def we can exchange emails..


Amber #2 - May 10



JENZEY - May 11



Angelttc2 - May 11

Congratulations divamommy!! I too am due right around there...and my ds bday in Jan. 8!! :) He is kind of excited about it though. Again, congratulations!!



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