My BFP Finally

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Kristen - March 11

This month was the only month that I thought I was not pregnant and I got my BFP today at 15dpo. I had af cramps from about a week ago everyday. My cervix was hard, I had hardly any cm. I was positive I wasn't. This is my first and I have been trying for 2 + years. So I am excited. I am scared to miscarry now because I have pcos. If anyone has any secrets to not miscarrying let me know.


Amber #2 - March 11

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you have to be beside yourself, especially since TTC for 2 years. I have no secrets b/c I did miscarry in July!! Well good luck in your 9 months! Keep us posted!


Lin - March 11



JenE - March 11

Congradulations Kristen, I hope everything goes well for you. Don't stess about having a m/c cause stess is not good for you or the baby. Just put it completly out of you mind and enjoy the next nine months


Grandpa Viv - March 11

Great work, Kristen! We are happy for you. I expect your doctor will be anxious to follow your progress to make sure everything stays within normal limits. You will do just fine, I'm sure. Good luck in the months and years ahead.


Kristen - March 11

thanks everyone! I went to the hospital and they did the blood work and my level were 756. So I think that is pretty good.


JENZEY - March 11

Congratulations Kristen=}


monicaweiner - March 11

CONGRATULATIONS! i just got mine yesterday i also knew i wasnt pregnant i so didnt feel it at all just alot of cramping!


Jen73 - March 11

Congrats, Kristen!!


VenusdiMilo - March 11

Congratulations Kristen!! Please don't think of anything else but the joyous journey you're about to experience. Good Luck with everything!!


Colleen - March 12

CONGRATULATIONS KRISTEN!!!!!!! May you have a blessed 9 months and a joyful 19 years!!!!!!!!


fara - March 13

HI Kristen.Congrats.there is no way to prevent a misc but do not think of it cos u will stress up!..1 piece of advice,try n not talk/tell too many people abt it cos if u do miscarry it will b hard when they ask how ur pregnancy is..keep it 2 urself n hubby if least till 7 months.



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