My BFP Symptoms BFP 12dpo

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mrstj - April 22

Ladies, I wanted to let you ladies know that if you "know" you are preggo early on it very well may be true. I knew from 1dpo that I would get a BFP. Here are my symptoms 1dpo - AF like cramps - strong in lower pelvic and lower back 2-5 dpo - still cramping constant but not strong 3-6 dpo - diarrea and cramping - break out on chest 7 dpo - bad achey cramping in low back, legs, butt, and pelvic area - very tired - I believe this was implantation 8-11 dpo - very heavy bloated feeling in pelvic area - still crampy in low back - CM turned clumpy and I had much more - tested BFN a zillion times 10 & 11 dpo - weird twingy pains in my low pelvic area switching back from right to left - they lasted only a minute or so each time but happened several times throughout the 2 days 12 dpo - BFP I also started peeing alot more starting at 5 dpo.... Everybody thought I was losing my mind and they all said there is NO way I would know this early....but I body felt different and I just had that intuition right away!!!


VenusdiMilo - April 22

Congratulations!! I knew at 5dpo that I was and tested at 10dpo and got my BFP. Have a happy healthy pregnancy.


Martha31 - April 22

OMG!!! I am sooo impossibly happy for you!!!:))))) All the best for you and your little beanie and your doughters and of course dh!!:)) I had such a good feeling about you:)) Be happy and stay positive:)) GL:)


LN030905 - April 22

Congrats!! I have your chart stored iin my history from a previous thread..and it I just happened to look at it and saw the green lines at the end..and was like HOLY COW!, I ran ove here and saw you announced it! Congrats!!


LN030905 - April 22

ahhh..look at those typos! LOL! I guess Im just super excited for ya! :) haha!


mrstj - April 22

Thanks ladies...I'm off to buy my prenatals and anything else I can get my hands on!!! hehe


tracielee - April 22

Congratulations!! May you have a happy and healthy nine months!!!! :o)


MammaJL - April 22

~*Congratulations*~ Happy & Healthy 9 Mos. =o)


Martha31 - April 22

mrstj: drink a lot...that cleans all the toxins from your body and remember to pee when you feel like it (do not try to hold it, to avoid UTI)...I am sure that your pregnancy will be smooth and very healthy:) Remember to always stay positive and have faith:) God bless!:)


Blondie3412 - April 23

I HAD to offer my congrats as well.. I am so thrilled for you... H&H 9 months...


wantsecondangel - April 23

Congratulations!! And thanks for listing the details of your symptoms.


kdlovesrd - April 23

I want to offer my Congratulations on the BFP and also for posting your Early PG Symtoms. These are helpful to just read through! H&H 9 months!!


cynthia502 - April 23

congrats!!! I believe it too.....if your gut is telling you is usually true! Each month I keep waiting "for that special feeling" but haven't felt it yet.....but it will come in due time I am sure. However, with my last baby (now 17 months old) I took a pregnancy test in the morning and it came out negative and I just couldn't believe it so went out to the store a couple hours later, got another test and tested positive. It was my gut feeling too and I was right. A woman's intuition is truly a sixth sense!! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!!


mrstj - April 24

Thanks ladies....I am still on cloud 9..not really believing this could be true...I just wanted to ad my new symptom of horrible GAS and my BB's finally started to get sensitive yesterday....the gas might be because I'm drinking 8-10 gla__ses of water a day...but none the less...I feel sorry for the people around me!!! :-) TMI...Sorry!!!



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