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courtney - March 9

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has gotten a triphasic chart and gotten a BFP? My temps before O were in the 96.6 range then after O were about 97.4 then however woke up this morning and temp was 97.7!!! Could this be a good sign??? I also had what appeared to be a implantation dip about 6dpo...however it only lasted one day and temps went flying back up!!! I think AF is due around the 13th or so.....this is our first month ttc so does anybody have any insight for me????


courtney - March 9

oh ya forgot to mention that I have had cm in quite some abundance thats very creamy somedays and egg white looking the next.....oh boy I confused!!!


courtney - March 9

ok also.....last thing for today I checked my cervix this morning and It was so high I could barely even touch it....however it was very soft and tightly closed........anybody????


bump - March 9

anyone out there????


Grandpa Viv - March 9

We're listening. The replies aren't thick and fast today. Congrats on the third plateau! Thanks for the feedback on cervix. I just found a great link to other women's charts on the ovusoft site. I have a link to it if you follow Grandpa Viv at . I'm still puzzling over the "implantation dip" which some refer to here but I can't find in the literature. Keep looking, eh?


courtney - March 10

Thanz for the reply grandpa viv......I'm still confused though cuz I have not had one dry day this whole cycle and especially after I ovulated it got so heavy....welll so far b___sts r still a little sore....I think I just need some really good advice!!!! "BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!"


tiffani - March 10

Courtney~ I remember someone else on here posting about triphasic, and shortly there after, she got a BFP! I have no clue how to track or interpret BBT, but it sure sounds promising. Good luck and let us know if you get the BFP! :o)


~m~ - March 10

Hi Courtney. tiffani may be thinking of me. I did post a while back because I got a triphasic curve. I was indeed pregnant. Let me tell you how it went.... before O, my temps were about 96.9-97.0, then after O they jumped to the mid 97's, then to 98.2 and stayed there. About 3 days later it jumped up to 99.5 (or something like that) for a day, then back to 98.2 the next day. That was implantation. I later got a BFP. I hope this means BFP for you!!!! Good luck and keep us posted!


tiffani - March 10

~m~ I knew it was you, just didn't use your name. :o) Didn't want anyone to seek your advice and upset you. I need to let down my protective guard don't I??? You are quite the remarkable woman with all that strength to help others after all your pain. Love ya!


courtney - March 10

thanks so much u guys!!!...I appreciate it alot!!! ~m~ if u don't mind me asking how many dpo were you before you got a BFP??? I'm due for AF on the 13th so i'm not sure when to take a test....was sort of thinking about saturday morning....wondering if anything would show???? Anyways nice talking to all of you!!!


courtney - March 11

Ok here's somewhat of an update for this morning, took my temp and was still about 97.7......Just wondering if this is even high enough to possibly even be a pregnancy....cuz usually my temp is around 96.6 around the beginning of the cycle....also I noticed today that my b___st are even more sore than before, and the area down below has sort of turned a little blue......Also lately when I brush my teeth in the morning all I do is gag!!! All I remember about my first pregnancy is the same thing(gagging!!!) Anyways I am still hoping....however the nausia is starting to get to me so I better go and relax a little before work...If anybody knows anything about the temp thing could U help me out????


~m~ - March 11

Awww tiffani, you're so thoughtful! Thanks girlfriend! :o) -- courtney, I was about 12 dpo when I got my BFP. It was pretty bright too. When you talk about gagging while you brush your teeth, boy does that bring back bad memories! I was the same way, especially with my first child. It got to where I would just dab toothpaste on, and sortof brush my front teeth with my teeth closed, spit and go. Not very good oral hygiene I know, but it was NOT worth going through it every time! If I were you I would test. I don't think there is a certain temperature to look for, I just think you are supposed to be looking for your temp to rise at least a degree and stay that way up to and after expected AF. Run to your local Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or whatever you have there; and get you one of those tests that cost $1. They are cheap and super sensitive. See what happens. If nothing, then wait a couple of days, and test again with first morning urine. By the way, try to go all night without going pee. Because that gives your urine all of those hours to become concentrated. Good luck and keep us posted!! :o)


courtney - March 11

Thanks ~m~...I am just so happy u took the time to help me out!!! I think I might do a test either tomorrow morning or sundsy morning....the only bad thing is that I'm up in canada and I don't know where to find those cheap hpt's...other than on the net.....anyways about the gagging thing.....well before when I was pregnant with my son...i would gag everytime I brushed my teeth...however that went away after he was born.....Now it has returned and I think I have a feeling why......I've also read too that your gag reflexes become swollen when pregnant....anyone else experience that or have any expertise????


~m~ - March 12

courtney, you might try starting a thread t_tled something like "to the ladies in Canada".... or something like that. There are quite a few Canadians on here and I have heard them talk about cheap tests. So maybe if you get their attention they can tell you where to find them. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out. :o)


erin - March 12

just wondering, how do you know when your chart goes triphasic and what does it indicate? this is my first month charting, so i'm new to this. thanks.


courtney - March 12

Hi Erin!!!...when your chart is triphasic what happens have your low temps before ovulation...thenthey are higher after ovulation...then they raise to a higher level before you get AF.....Hopefully she doesn't come.....~m~ said when her chart was triphasic she got a BFP...So I'm kinda hoping that iy'll happen for me too....Anyways have you been ttc for long? I have you had any symptoms yet???


Erin - March 12

hi courtney! thanks for your response. this is my second month ttc. last month i could have swore i was pg, mad cravings, bloated, gas, mild nausea daily, tired. but HPT'ed negative 2x and AF showed up 1 week late :(. guess it was all in my head... so this month i started charting and i def see when ovulation happened. since ovulation, i've had three increases in temp (.5, .7, and .3), so was wondering if this meant my chart went triphasic. i don't have as many symptoms this month, besides the usual bloatedness that comes with PMS and sore b___sts (on the sides), so i don't think it's happened this month. AF is due tomorrow and cm is thick and tacky again. i hope she stays away! i haven't seen a dip in temperature to signal oncoming AF though, still at 98.5, so hope it stays that way!



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