My Co Called Evaps Turned Into A BFP

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hollyl2313 - March 4

I have been taking dollar tree tests since Friday and had been getting super light light pink lines, to me they bordered an evap line, so I couldn't stand the the obsessing anymore so I broke down and bought a first response got a definite two lines!!! I have had absoluely no symptoms except for slight cramping today. GL to all testing soon :) ~~~Baby Dust~~~~


melissap - March 4

Congrats Holly I was using canadian dollar test and absolutley nothing so I bought 2 noname cheapies and FRER today and BFP. Congrats again and here is to November babies!!! Have a happy and healthy 9 months


staci - March 4

congrats holly!


bradylove - March 4

Congratulations holly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! I'll be testing at the end of the week, hope I'm there with you next week!!!


kellywall - March 4

Congrats on your BFP ladies!!! Melissa...I was just said you were using canadian dollar tests...i'm from toronto and can't seem to find the cheapie tests.....where did you get them?? thanks and good luck with your babies.


Laceyandsamsmamma - March 4

hey girls if you got your BFP's make sure to add to march BFP lets count thread so we can keep a running total this month hopefully we can beat last month lol and CONGRATS TO THOSE WHO GOT THIER BFP'S ALREADY :-) H&H 9 MONTHS LADIES


Megs - March 5

Congrats on your BFP!!! I wish you a happy and healthy nine months!!! :-)


melissap - March 5

I got tests at Dollarama in the baby/hair care aisle. They are called Pro Care or pro choice I threw the boxes out and they are $1.00. I am buying 2 or 3 more today as I never got a hint of color or an evap notta on these. I will let everyone know. They say they have a sesitivity of 25. Go Figure. Good Luck girls.


MammaJL - March 5

~*Congratulations*~ Holly!!! Happy & Healthy 9Mos.


angie m - March 5

hollyl2313 CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you. Happy and healthy 9 months!


preggoplease - March 5



VenusdiMilo - March 5



Petal78 - March 5

Congratulations and Happy Pregnancy Holly!!!!!!



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