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maggie - February 11

Like all of the women on this particular board, I "feel" weird. Please be so kind as to read my list of symptoms and reply- I am going crazy. Am I crazy?! Okay, I am 23, been on bc for 3 years without problems of anykind. In December (19th) I had a regular period. Then January 16th I got what I thought was my period. It was not like my regular af's and only lasted 2 days (very short for me). About the same time the following things began happening- progressive up until now: B--ts never "deflated" from my "af", even my boyfriend noticed (but they are not sore). I am 6 ft tall and thin, but began noticing a "pootch" in my lower belly. about 2 weeks after the light af I had a VERY sudden onset of nausea, and continues to this day with some changes in intensity. I can cry at anything, and I have been lately. I feel like my lower self is making popcorn. I notice that I have been holding in my new pootch (my pants are too tight if I don't), I only notice when my belly begins throbbing- when I "let it all hang out" it feels normal (although LOOKS huge!). I also have noticed some bizzare thick gel discharge. I am cold SO cold all the time, but I will soak sweat through the crotch of my scrubs at work! ugh...I could go on and on really- but the thing is that, could I just be TRYING to "feel" prego? I am not typically like that, but due to a few people telling me I can't be (I have taken 3 neg home tests), and some saying that it is too soon to have this long list of symptoms! Please please help me. My period should be here around the 16th of this month. Any advice on waiting? How long? Skip right to the blood test? Thank you for your help, this is a scary place!


Sam - February 11

Hi i have the same symptoms as you but i have been having cramps back ache and i have just noticed lots of blue and small spider veins on my b___bs i am due 16th its just a waiting game now horrible i know but we can wait to gether :-)


Maggie - February 12

Sam~ thank you so much for your note- sounds like the perfect idea, this waiting is freaky and lonesome (esp. since I don't want to mention my concerns to my boyfriend until it is for sure.) Funny thing you mention the veins- I had not seen anything other then size increase- but last night I couldn't help but notice the lacey network of veins running just under my skin- on my b___sts and even my arms (?)! My belly was "popping" around a ton last night and my lower back felt like an anvil was sitting on my stomach...if this is not pregnancy- something odd is up. Is it too soon for us to be feeling all this? Good luck!


tiffani - February 12

Who can say for sure, but it seems like your "period" in January may have been implantation bleeding. Your symptoms sound like pregnancy symptoms to me. Looks like all you can do at this point is play the waiting game. Good luck!


Sam - February 12

Hi maggie i have also noticed some blue veins on my arms no so bad but there are quite noticable and they were not before also the veins on my b___sts seem to be getting brighter and more noticable! I have had a few stomach pains today nothing severe but they normally come at night which is odd i keep praying they wont be my AF but with all the syptoms im experiencing i doubt it can be my period! **Baby Dust** xXxXx


Maggie - February 12

I'm going to toss this back up towards the top hoping for some more replies. PLEASE: Is it possible to feel this many symptoms so early? (~4-6 weeks?)


louise - February 12

it has been recrded that women have felt syptoms within the first week f conception. but yu got to ake sure your nt feeling these syptms because yo think your pregnant. i used to o that nd wouldnt understand afterwards why i wasnt pregnant. hope all goes well for you



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