My Period Came I Thought I Was Pregnant HELP

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Nicole - June 22

I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend on May 4th and on the next day May 5th my period came on. It lasted until the 10th and then I had unprotected s_x again on the May 11th. Then on May 13th, I started having lower abdominal cramps (and I still have them). I was waiting for my period to come on June 5th and it never came. On June 11th, I had this brown blood/discharge. It was when I wiped and it only lasted for like a couple of minutes. I have been having lower abdominal cramping, sore br___ts and yellow discharge. I took a pregnancy test the other day and it was very very faint. But yesterday I got my PERIOD!! and it's a regular period. So my period came 2 weeks late!! Can I still be pregnant?? Should I take another pregnancy test?? Ladies I need all the advice I can get!! THANKS!!


Stephanie - June 22

I can completely relate. I had all the pregnancy symptons in every book I read. My af started on the 18th- I was devastated. It was day 45 of my cycle. Nicole, I asked my doc about this and some women get bleeding during early pregnancy. My advice is that wait for a week to 10 days and get tested again. I hope this helps.


Colleen - June 22

It definately is possible. Especially if you had a possitive even if it was faint. I would do another test. You could do it now, or wait a couple days to be safe. I hope it turns out which ever waqy you want. Good luck.


Dia - June 22

Hi Nicole! Unfortunately, all the pg symptoms are very similar to normal period symptoms. In March, I had s_x with DH around ovulation (we were NOT ttc at the time) and we used a condom. Then, my period was 13 days late and I was SURE I was pregnant. All tests said negative. Low and behold, a couple of days later I got my period. Apparently, I was under a lot of stress, even though I didn't feel like it, and it caused my period to delay. Take care of yourself and I hope it turns out how you want it!!!


bean - June 22

Nicole - it unfortuantely sounds like you had an early miscarriage. I had one a month ago. My period was a week late. I got two very faint positive tests (on two separate days) and then on the third day I got a negative test. My period started a few days later. Unfortuantely early miscarriages are very common. You very well may have been pregnant but the embryo just wasn't viable. There are a million reasons for this - do some reading online and I think i'tll make you feel better. I would recommend you take another test just to be certain you're not pg... but I bet it'll come out negative. The good news is, I hear you're more fertile after a m/c! :) Good luck!


lisa - June 22




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