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krisipoo - May 29

Ok im going to start off by saying that I had unprotected s_x on april 28th with my then boyfriend. I had my period around the 19th of april and it lasted the normal 5 days. It is now May 29th and I have yet to see my period. I am usually regular or at least within a couple days. Usuall before AF, i have bad cramps a day before and thats it. Im never moody, tired, and I never have sore br___ts. Heres what im feeling right now. Im exhausted no matter how much sleep i get, im moody and cranky, i get hot easily, i have lower back pains, and little cramps that come and go but no blood or spotting, noticing that im urinating more often, im not sick every morning but every other day i feel sick and not just in the morning, i feel faint and light headed sometimes, and sometimes i have no apet_te at all or im starving, and i eat foods i dont normally like...also i dont want my boyfriend touching me or even to be near me. I have been itchy, and sore breats when i touch them. All of these things have been going on for about 2 weeks now. I am waiting until the end of the month to take a test, as i want to wait and see if AF comes. Its only a couple more days till the end of the month and no AF yet. Thanks for reading this.


soimpatient - May 29

Take a test. It is the only way you will be able to know for sure.


krisipoo - May 29

Yeah im def taking on on thursday because thats when i wil have the money. but one question, i heard its possible to get a negative test and still be preg. so am i supposed to do more than one test to be sure?


Grandpa Viv - May 29

That's a pretty good list of early pregnancy signs. You had unprotected s_x cycle day 9 or 10, which is inside your fertile window, and now you are 10 days late with a bunch of signs. I would be very surprised to find you are not pregnant. You can take a test any morning first pee, and the Dollar Store ($4, ask the cashier) will work just fine. If it is positive, believe it. If it is negative, take another test a week later. Check your diet for folic acid (folate) immediately. You can get it from whole wheat bread, cereals (esp. Total cereal), and from prenatal vitamins. Visit the doc or prenatal clinic when you have missed a second period. Good luck!



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