My Special Connection W BRITNEY SPEARS

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mdh - April 20

1-When I was younger, kids would tell me I looked like her. 2-Right now, we both have the same age. 3-The same time she's been pregnant is the same time I have been TTC. 4-The same day she announced her pregnancy was my birthday. 5- The same place she recently went on vacation with her husband is the same place I live. 6- We have had a great desire to become moms! You know girls, hum... I had a dream the other day. I was arriving in a car in front of a white house and I saw a 1 year old who just looked like my husband. And he was taken care by an old man. That's all I remember. My last period was on March 14, and since then, I have had like 4 urine infections, pretty scary, but not aggravated. I just used to have them once in a year, max. twice. I have had very sore nipples, and sometimes I wake up with my stomach just bothering very little and very tired. I've been expecting my period since April 14, but like you all now, it could get delayed by stress, etc. Usually a week before I get my period, my husband always claims my va___a gets swollen and kind of like pushes him back a little. Also, I usually feel constant cramps, and feelings like the period will go down by the same time. Today, April 20, I have no symptoms of frequent cramps or like it will go down. I have calculated I should have felt those one week before April 14, or at least 15-17 of April. I put all my prayers to you all in TTC and keeping up a healthy pregnancy. with God's will, I am pregnant now, or one day soon. So.... what do you think????


KEEKEE - April 20

What do I think??? Is this a joke?? Britney Spears!!!! Give me a break!!!... I can't stop laughing....I think you are obsessed......I'm sending you baby dust!!!! let us know!!!!! Good luck!!!!


LI - April 20

Oh geez!! May I ask how old you are????? You must be a mere child.Good luck!


hey - April 20

Hey mdh - I wish you all the best! You sound like a real Britney fan - and I'm sure if she could she'd b__w you some baby dust:-) You do have some signs that sound really positive (I've heard that urinary tract infections are really common in pregnancy) so I do hope that this is your time and that you are indeed pregnant! May you be richly blessed :c)


mdh - April 20

No, I'm not a britney fan. In fact, I haven't listened to a Britney song for more than 3 months. I have been concentrating in college a lot ,since I am a senior, and also more concentrated in my religion. I just saw her face on a front cover of a gossip newspaper or magazine t_ttled" Baby tragedy" or something like that. So I proceeded to see what was going on and searched on the internet. Of course, I had nothing to do at that moment, and like us who are trying to conceive, we like to make investigations.


Hey - April 20

Sorry - no offence meant! (Actually, I dig Britney's music and I'm an old bag ;) She's very talented. All I meant was that given your lovely post, if she had read it I'm sure she would've b__wn some of her baby dust your way. I know if you'd written all those coincidences about me and I was preggers I'd be sure to b__w some dust your way. (But I'm not famous - yet ;) All the best to you.


omg you are so funny!! - April 20

special connection,puh-lease!! omg getta life!


Ummmm.. - April 20

...That you have too much time on your hands...


Kay - April 20

Don't worry, I have a special connection too. I'm 2 months older than her, I got married a month before she did and I may be pregnant right now. Baby dust to all.


Toxic - April 21




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