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julene8 - August 26

Thanks in advance for all thoughts/advice!!! My last MP was July 24th. My cycles are very regular, about 30 days long- though last month I got AF on day 32. I am now 34 days into my cycle. The week after O I had 2 migraine headaches back to back (which are not common for me) and 6 days ago (cycle day 29) I had some blood when I went to the bathroom. I was SURE it was AF coming, but she never came! I've had brown spotting on and off and light cramping nightly, which again makes me think AF is always on its way- though still nothing. I also didn't get the normal br___t soreness I get with PMS. I tested yesterday afternoon, cycle day 33, and got a BFN. I'd love to hear your advice/thoughts- could I be pregnant and just not showing it on tests yet? This is really strange.


MelissaP - August 26

It could be too early. I dont mean to burst any bubbles, but everytime my af was a little late it never meant pregnancy. It just meant I ovulated later or not at all (which was just recently). Try testing on Friday if af still hasnt shown. Good luck!


Missie76 - August 26

I went through the same thing as you. My last MP was on the 24th of July. For the past week I've had b___st sorness, fatique and feeling sick. I tried three tests, but they were all neg. But three days and still no vist from AF, I tested and it came out Postive. It might be too soon to tell. Hang in there. Wait another week, than no AF call your doctor and get a test.


julene8 - August 26

Thanks so much for your thoughts ladies! Missie, on what cycle days did you get your BFN's? Yesterday's test for me would have been about 1-2 days past when AF was due. It seems like the majority of women get BFPs just before their missed periods, or right AT the missed period?


Grandpa Viv - August 27

They say testing with first morning pee is the best - more concentrated. Some women do not get a positive until 2 weeks late. Hang in there!



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