Name Some Of Your Strangest Signs As Well As Normal

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bethtwo - June 14

I was wondering what strange signs of pregnancy you all have had. I'm looking for a thorough list of signs!


staci - June 14

When i was pg with ds i had cramps like af was coming for a week straight(a week before af) and major diarrhea. When i hit about 6weeks i started in with major nausea and fatigue. I was also on 28-30 day cycles and didnt' get a bfp until about cd 32-33(tested for 3 days straight until i finally got it) and it was very faint.


Lin - June 14

My first four months off the pill, I had every sign in the book - headaches, heartburn, lack of sleep, oversleeping, bleeding gums, cramps, veiny b___bs, b___b pain, nipple pain, spotting mid-cycle, extra-light periods, excess cm, ferning after ovulation, you name it. I'm still not pregnant.


Nell4Him - June 14

what is ferning?


Lin - June 14

Ferning is the pattern you see on a saliva microscope during ovulation. Your saliva is more salty during that time and crystalizes when it dries, leaving a ferning pattern. Pregnant women also see ferning. Some women see great results, but the microscopes don't work for everyone. I never got consistent results and so quit using it.


Grandpa Viv - June 14

Add vivid dreams, runny nose, yeast and UTI, cry for no reason, acne changes, Chadwick's sign and Montgomery tubercles.


Lin - June 14

Yeah, add the Montgomery tubercles and acne to my list. My fact and shoulders have broken out horribly since I quit birth control.


Lin - June 14

oops, I meant face, not fact.


bethtwo - June 15

what is chadwick's sign? and who is grandpa viv? it's kinda weird to have a grandpa, though it appears you are highly respected around here nonetheless.


San_dee - June 15

You guys forgot one very important symptom!!!!! MOODSWINGS, usually followed by crying for no reason


tippykitty - June 15

bethtwo.. I have pretty much all those symptoms above plus hot flashes, constant urge to pee, metal taste in mouth, sensitive to some smells, and burping all the time.


Bing - June 15

Bethtwo - I thought this was a strange sign....about a week or two ago my navel piercing (have had it for 13 yrs) was super irritated and red, which was strange because it's never bothered me before since I've had it for so long. Two days later it was completely normal again. I just got my bfp on 6/11/06!


Nell4Him - June 15

Okay.. Chadwicks is the purplish discoloration of the v____a/pubick area and Montgomery is the bumps on your nipple.


Nell4Him - June 15

Oh... when i was pregnant with my son, I had a cold sore on my lip that made that whole side of my face swell up. The doc told me that when your preggers, your immune system reacts differently to things.


Nell4Him - June 15

But, come to think of it, I was already in my second trimester and you're looking for signs of pregnancy........ but I wouldn't put it past a body for happening before verification of pregnancy.


Citrine - June 15

A lot of people have talked about a sore throat and sinus problems shortly after conception.



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