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austynsmommy - June 24

Hi Naomie98. I just wanted to say hi. Hope things are going good for you. Miss talking to you. Amanda


Krissy68 - June 24

Naomi98 - Hey girlie that is wonderful news that you have contacted the IVF clinic. I will be supporting in whatever you decide to do. Here is my little update I think I am going to have the same cycle as last month. I started testing with the opk on cd 10 (neg) cd 11 (neg) cd 12 (pos) cd 13 (pos) and today cd 14 (neg) so I am a__suming fertility friend will say I ovulated today. I did bd late last night almost midnight so I still counted it as cd 13 and then I bd this morning before work and I will bd again tonight. I will keep you updated. Take care and I will talk to you soon. Krissy68


Naomi98 - July 2

Amanda, how are you doing girl? And how's the lil one? Did I read somewhere that you're pregnant again? Jeez, and here's me still waiting for the first one lol. Send me some of whatever it is you got! Krissy, sounds like you're well covered this month...keep us updated Nx


austynsmommy - July 2

I'm good just busy. My little one is 6 months now. Into everything. Yeah i'm pregnant again. Totally unexpected. I was under alot of stress. My father in law commited suicide and left my mother in law with a ton of bills and just a bunch of other stuff. I will surely send you some baby dust. Take care girl.


austynsmommy - July 7

Krissy68 I have had the same user name since 2004 or 2005 I think. I wish I could change my user name though. I'm feeling good. 16 weeks already. Good luck ladies.


Krissy68 - July 7

austynsmommy - I guess I have been putting in wrong all this time and just notice. Wow 16 weeks. Rub your belly. I'm currently cd27/14dpo and took a hpt and it was negative I still have a few more days before I can really test so we shall see. Krissy68


Naomi98 - July 15

Amanda, oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear what you have been dealing with. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult that must be. Take care of yourself hun, you've a lot on your plate. Krissy, what news with you? Did AF stay away? Nothing new here...I'm just trying not to get upset every time someone else i know gets pregnant. It's really hard sometimes but we are trying to move on. take care nx


Krissy68 - July 15

Naomi98 - How have you been? Well I'm still not pg and I think I might have come to the end of my road. I do have a gyn appointment on July 27 and I am hoping she have a game plan for me I will update. I am currently on cd6 and I did take clomid a friend gave me her left over since she is currently pg. I plan on using the opk test strip on cd10 I have been doing this the last 2 cycles and I did order some pre-seed but I got the wipes so we shall see since some of the ladies have used the preseed and say it works we shall see. I will talk to you later take care of yourself. Krissy68


Krissy68 - July 20

Naomi98 - Girl Congratulation and I am crying tears of joy for you. I am so very happy for you and your dh and I know he is strutting his stuff. LOL. I will be praying very hard for you and I am sure that the lo is right where he/she should be hand in there and please keep your FAITH. I will also be keeping everything cross as well. Here is a very little update on me. I am on cd11 and I did take some clomid that a friend of mines had left over since she is currently pg I took it on cd 2-6 but she only had 9 pills left so on cd 2 I took 50mg and for 3-6 I took 100mg. I'm not sure when I will ovulate. I was suppose to start taking my opk test yesterday but I forgot to so I had plans on starting today but of course with it being Monday I went right off and left it so I will test as soon as I get home and go from there I know for the last 3 cycles I have ovulated on cd 14 and then the last cycle 13 so we shall see. I also did start bding Friday and my preseed came in the mail on Friday and we started that day using it and I wish I would have been used this stuff it is soo good. I still have a week to go before I see the gyn to see what the game plan will be and I will let you all know. Also today is me and my fiance 2 year anniverssary. I hope you all have a very nice evening and I will talk to you all later. Krissy68


Naomi98 - July 22

Krissy thank you!! I'm having the u/s tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes. I'm nervous as all hell but no choice, I have to do it to be sure. I'm sure you'll ovulate and very soon! good thing you got busy already lol. And congrats on your anniversary, hope you do something romantic!! Nx


Krissy68 - July 22

Naomi98 - Good Luck on the u/s and please update me and please try and not be so nervous and I know that is easier said then done. How are you feeling? Well I started taking my opk on Monday (cd11) and it was bfn then again yesterday cd 12 it was bfn but today cd 13 it was a bfp and yest I have been bding since Friday but this morning after I got home from picking up my 4 year from preschool I had to pee real bad so I decided to take the opk instead of waiting this afternoon and it was bfp so after I got finish in the bathroom I said to df let's get in a quicky before I have to go back to work and of course he was up for it. I also plan to bd againg tonight and for the next few days. I thought the clomid was going to throw me off but I don't think it did which is good. I will keep you updated. I have my gyn appointment on Monday and I will let you know the game plan I wish I would have been close to time to start AF because I would request a blood hpt but I will wait it out I should be starting I guess around August 7. I will keep you updated. Rub your belly for me. Talk to you soon. Take care and don't forget to please let me know. Krissy


Naomi98 - July 24

Krissy, the u/s showed the bean is in the right place...still very tiny though! i will have another scan in 2 weeks to make sure everything is going well. I'm super nervous but trying to stay positive at the same time. We are just so delighted it's not another ectopic. Good luck with the Dr appt - I really hope you get some good answers and a way forward. Let me know how it goes. Nx


Krissy68 - July 24

Naomi98 - This is wonderful news and I am so very happy for you. I hope to be following you in your footsteps real soon. I will let you know how my doctor appointment go. I am currently on cd15 and I got my positive on the opk on cd13 I have been bding away and I plan to bd for a few more days. My temp did go way up this morning. I wish I could find on Monday if I had conceived this time around but I know it is way too soon. Rub your belly for me and take care of yourself and I can't wait for the 2 weeks to hurry up and pa__s so I can get another update on the little bean. Have a Great Weekend. Krissy68


sunshine7610 - July 27

Wow Naomi! That is amazing news!!! I'm so thrilled for you. I've been away from this site for a while and look what happens. I went away on vacation but before that we decided to just go for ivf and stop throwing our money away on IUI's so we took a break the month before we left and now we are just saving up for it. Was hoping we could do it right after our vacation but it's just not in the cards right now financially. We'll have to pay down some bills first then go for it. So were you having follicle monitoring as well or just temping? That's amazing news and I'm glad your ultrasound went well. I had a feeling it would work for you. I thought to myself I bet when you move it'll just happen on its own. I wish I would get those feelings about myself too! Funny thing is I do....but it's just not happening!!! Oh well......patience right?


Naomi98 - July 28

Hi Mandy...thanks hun, we are still in shock, believe me! I didn't do any monitoring or temping. I always ovulate on the same day with Clomid so there was no need to monitor it. We just bd'd that day and two days before and then forgot all about it. We really never expected it to work. I only took the clomid because I had the prescription and I knew that IVF was a long way off so we had nothing to lose. AF was 3 days late by the time I tested...I had some spotting the day before it was due so I a__sumed I was out but then the witch never showed so I eventually tested and the bfp came up straight away, before the control line even! The wait for the first u/s was absolute torture. I kept getting pains on the right side and I couldn't tell if it was the scar tissue aching (which happens when I get af and ovulate) or another ectopic. Anyways, so far so good, it's literally one day at a time. I've no spotting or bleeding, I feel pregnant (sore b___bs, the odd day of nausea and super emotional) so I have to a__sume that all is going well. I just want to hear the heartbeat and then I'll relax a little. I'm 6 weeks tomorrow - yay! That's so awesome about the IVF...I'm really happy for you guys. Definitely keep us posted on how it all goes. After chatting to the clinic in South Africa, IVF doesn't seem half as scary as I thought. When do you think you'll be able to start? You stand such a good chance with unexplained fertility. You're right though...patience is all we have in this game! How were your holidays? we're off to our house in two weeks...can't wait. Heidi is still waiting for the lil one to appear...she says it's not as bad as the tww though lol! xx


Krissy68 - July 28

I just wanted to tell both of you hi and that I am thinking about both of you. Nothing really going on with me. I am on cd19/5dpo and my gyn appointment that was scheduled for yesterday and I went just to find out that the dr went on vacation and no one called me to let me know so I was p__sed off because I wasted gas and I have been waiting on the for 3 months now. I have to go next Tuesday which will be okay I will be 12dpo and I am going to take a hpt in the morning and maybe even ask the dr to take one as well. I will keep you all updated. Naomi please rub your belly for me and I can't wait for you to hear the baby heartbeat. Sunshine I am keeping my fingers cross and sending baby dust your way. Take care and I will talk to you both soon. Krissy68



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