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babynewbie - November 15

Hey everyone! Just dropping by to say hello and see what's new here. Full on what I like to call "round the clock" sickness in my world paired with 3 hours per day naps...LOL. Naomi..the scan is so exciting!!! Do you have a feeling about what it is? I felt Olivia was a girl early on and I feel this one is a boy for some reason..haha. Either way can't wait to hear. Agree with the 'dada' thing but she is a daddy's girl through and through!!! She is saying 'nana' now and putting her hands towards what we are I think banana means all food! :) I have my appt this Friday and we get to have the first scan, I'll be just over 9 weeks. Krissy - hope you are doing great, looking forward to reading your updates and that all is okay. Well that is it from Toronto, Canada!!! I'll check in some time this week.... Regan


Naomi98 - November 16

I'm having a little BOY!!! I always felt it was a boy, we have been calling him 'he' since the beginning!! He looked just perfect. I have to wait a few days to get the full report from the u/s but she said everything looked great :-DDD Oh geez Regan, what a rollercoaster this time around for you! I slept SO much in the first trimester, couldn't keep my eyes open after lunch! Good luck with the first scan! X


babynewbie - November 16

Yay!!! Congrats Naomi...a little boy! How fun for you! :) Any names picked? Ooh..a boy's nursery too! Nausea not too bad today and its 3pm and I'm still awake..LOL! Krissy hope you're doing well!


sunshine7610 - November 16

That's so great Naomi!!!! A little boy!! How exciting! Are you going to tell people or keep them guessing? I'm 6 1/2 weeks now and right before I hit the 6 wk mark, morning sickness had officially begun. I haven't thrown up yet thank goodness, I just feel really icky most mornings. It's hard b/c I'm trying to eat healthy but I have no appet_te. I want to eat more meat for the iron and protein but the thought of meat especially chicken makes me want to hurl. And I'm so tired all the time. I know it's all part of it and just means that the little bean in there is growing. I've taken a few peaks at work too, just to make sure the little heart is still beating away! I had a few patients at work this week who were around the same stage and miscarried or started spotting and it made me all paranoid! It just allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief. Regan, your like my neighbor.....I'm from Hamilton. How far along are you again? I think I read it on a previous post but can't remember. Are we close? Krissy, can't wait to hear how your surgery went!!! Mandi


babynewbie - November 16

Hi Mandi...we are close in proximity and pregnancy..LOL! I'm 8 1/2 weeks along and sick as a dog...ugh. Had hardly anything with my daughter, actually kept forgetting I was even preggers with her at times! :) This one is a constant reminder..haha. I can't eat meat either, with the exception of roasted chicken on a bun..plain! I'm familiar with Hamilton, I went to McMaster for my B.A. and lived in Westdale for 3 years. Is this your first? I've discovered that I now love Nutella on toast more than life itself!!! Regan


Naomi98 - November 17

Hey Mandi, I think we will tell people if they ask. I know I always like to know beforehand...a lot easier for present buying! DH's parents have decided they want it to be a surprise. LOL Regan, there won't be any nursery I'm afraid, we live in a very tiny two bedroom apartment. One bedroom is my office so the poor lil guy will have to eek out some space in there! We do have a name picked out but we'll keep that bit a surprise at least. Mandi, how AMAZING that you're hearing the heart beat already! But sorry to hear about the nausea. Honestly I couldn't touch raw meat or fish for most of the first trimester and dh does NOT cook so I ended up going mostly vegetarian and eating beans and lentils for protein...and tons of yoghurts and bananas! You can always take iron supplements as well if you really can't face meat. And lol at you checking yourself in work...lucky you! So there's just one lil bean in there? Hope you're managing to get rested when you need to, can't be easy if you're working full time too. Nxx


babynewbie - November 18

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Not much going on here, my first trimester insomnia has kicked in..I find myself wide away at like 2am for some reason!!! Nausea still around but not as intense and so I've been able to add a few more foods to my daily menu! :) Olivia is starting to try and pull herself up from things the armchairs etc..but then plops down. So I've been researching some baby proofing companies to come by and make this place safe as it seems before I know it she'll be waddling around here! LOL.. I keep thinking I should put a pad of paper and a pen beside the bed so that when I wake up I can record my crazy a__s preggo dreams..they get more vivid and strange each night! :) anyhoo...I'll pop by later. Krissy how are you doing? ~R


babynewbie - November 20

Hi everyone! Just dropping by to see if anything is new...but alas no one is around..LOL!!! Exciting day here, our first scan. Everything looks great. The bad side was going to visit work. I had to tell them that even though I could come back in January as planned that I would have to leave again in early May! :( It's a small company and I love working there so even though they were happy for me I could tell they were a bit disappointed. *sigh* oh well...looking forward to going back in January for a couple of days a week just to engage in adult conversation..LOL! :) Oh well, I hear Miss Olivia stirring from her nap and I should get dinner started. Happy weekend girls!!! Regan


Naomi98 - November 22

hey girls, i'll be travelling for the next week so you won't be hearing from me for a while. I'm going to a province down on the border with Namibia and Zambia. It is supposed to have a large herd of elephants!! I hope we have some time off work to go and look for them. I'm scared stiff of malaria though so I need to be really careful there. I had it once before and I definitely don't want it again, especially pregnant :-( All good this end, baby still v. active lol. Regan, great news on the scan...I can imagine your work got quite a shock though! Krissy and Mandi hope all's well with you girls xx


sunshine7610 - November 26

Hi everyone, just checking in here. I'm 8 wks today and feeling like c___p. I've got my little sleeve of crackers that I keep in my cubby at work. I think people are starting to suspect something's up as I'm drugding myself around work and nibbling on crackers. A few people have said I'm not my normal self and today one coworker was asking me if I wasnt' feeling well with a little grin on her face as I was eating my crackers. I try to b__w them off and say I'm just tired. I have another u/s next Tuesday so i'm pretty excited. I've tried to not scan myself anymore at work. Oh, and Naomi I didn't hear the heartbeat myself at work....I was just scanning myself to make sure I could see the heart beating away on the screen. I don't want to radiate my little baby too much with ultrasound!! My dh is asking me to stop scanning myself too. I think if I allow me to scan myself, my OCD will come through and I'll do it ALL the time. Probably not a good thing! So Regan, after your post about insomnia and dreams I've started the same things! At first I was sleeping like a baby. But for the last week I've been waking up at 4am every morning and having difficulty going back to sleep. Plus the dreams I'm having....insane. Last night I dreamt a full episode of 'Dexter'...don't know if you guys watch that show. It was the season finale too (which hasn't been aired yet). I made up the ending in my dream. Nutso. Plus super weird other ones. Anyways gotta get to bed. Still haven't heard from Krissy.... Hope she's okay from her surgery. Talk to you all soon. Mandi


Naomi98 - November 27

hi girls, just dropping in quickly while I have some kind of internet connection. Still travelling but hoping to get back today. I'm sick of it here, the guesthouse is disgusting with no water and electricity only a few hours a day, no clean towels, no breakfast, mould and other unidentifiables all over the walls, a bucket for a shower...gross. Plus there is only one restaurant in the town and the food is awful..gnarly meat and carbs and not a single vegetable. AND it's DH's 40th b'day today and he's also travelling so we can't celebrate :-( Mandi, I've had INSANE dreams all the way through my pregnancy, most of them pretty disturbing. Had one last night about kittens, I kept finding litters of kittens all over my parent's house and they were abandoned and in really bad condition, with broken legs and missing was really horrible. I think the waking up thing is anxiety. it was for me at least, during the first few weeks of the first trimester I was so stressed about the pregnancy I would toss and turn all night. Anyways another few weeks and you'll be home free, enjoying the second trimester (it's SO much better!). yeah it's weird, still nothing from Krissy, she's normally so quick to respond. i hope it wasn't bad news from the surgery. take care girls xx


babynewbie - November 29

Hey girls.. Just dropping in to see what's new. Naomi I hope you are home safe and sound now and are able to celebrate with your dh soon. Mandi I have the most organized kitchen cupboards in the world because of pregnancy insomnia..LOL! I have been waking up between 3-5pm and so instead of laying there I started little projects and then would fall asleep on the chaise at some point before having to get up again with Olivia....exhausting!!! I had a dream last week that when I opened the door to leave the loft that the hallways in building were rivers filled with crazy fish and I had to either swim or canoe to the elevator!!! haha... Anyway, it has been a beautiful November and today df and I are going to get a xmas tree!!! I have so much shopping to do its crazy so this week I have to get started. Thinking I'll leave Olivia with her grandparents a day or 2 and get it all done. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll stop by again soon! Regan


babynewbie - December 6

The thread had disappeared so just bumping it up! Hope everyone is well....Regan


Naomi98 - December 21

Hey girls, hope you're all doing great, just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas!! Keep those babies safe and warm! xxx


babynewbie - December 21

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Regan, Olivia & the bean... :)


sunshine7610 - December 21

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas to all of you too! It's been a while. Hope you are all keeping well! I'm now 12 weeks!!!! Woohoo! We just started telling people we're expecting. I still find it hard to believe I'm at this point. Question: when did you guys start showing? I know that it's way too early now for me yet, but I'm noticing that my pants are getting a bit tighter and my stomach is not as flat as it used to be! Frankly, I think it's just the fact I've been constipated being pregnant and it's all just gas and poop! LOL. Just wondered if you guys noticed the same thing? Shocking b/c I know that my uterus is only half way up to my belly b___ton at this point. I didn't think I'd notice anything different till I was around 19 weeks or so.



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