Nasal Problems Sign

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gboston - March 9

has anyone heard of runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing as possible sign of pregnancy? i have a stuffed nose in the morning, runny nose and sneezing all day. not allergies and dont feel like i am getting sick either. thoughts? or am i just looking for any sign to be a preg sign???


Grandpa Viv - March 9

Runny or stuffy nose is indeed a sign. More saliva and "wet down there" can also figure, but you would think the standard 'tired" and other more common stuff would be there too. good luck!


Erin1979 - March 11

Everyone was saying how "sick" I sounded just after I found out I was PG. It lasted my whole pregnancy, but after I delievered, I could breathe again!! Good luck!


China - March 12

I am 20 days late for AF and for the last week have been experiencing a stuffy nose, runny on one nostril and sneezing. Right after my missed period I was extremely tired. I also feel bloated and have had some heartburn. There is this weird feeling of beoing fulI in the upper abdomen. I am never late, but keep getting BFN's on my EPT and internet low detection cheapy. I also had an ultrasound done a week ago and they did not see anything. I have heard of Stuffy noses or cold symptoms from other people on this forum archives.


gboston - March 12

thanks all for your insight - i do appreciate it! my af was due friday and it hasnt appeared yet but have had cramping since friday so i am waiting it out. and keeping my fingers crossed until it shows or i test. other then the nasal problems (which i still have) i have had sore bbs for two weeks to the point where it hurts to walk! and had spotting about 5 days past positive opk. but nothing since. the only thing that concerns me now is that i have had no nausea which it seems everyone gets... trying not to get my hopes up but hoping for a bfp this week! thanks again!


HeavenisMine - March 12

It can most surely be a sign. My nose was all dry stuffy and bleeding every morning with my last pregnancy. You just hang in there! Try and relax, pregnancy is one of those things that comes naturally!


China - March 13

gboston, any news with you yet? I am still waiting for af and getting bfn's.


gboston - March 14

china - i am 6 days late and off to see my infert specialist this afternoon to test... keeping my fingers crossed for both of us! keep me updated!


China - March 14

Hey gboston, I will cross my fingers real tight! I am off to the gyn. tomorrow as they postponed my appt. I am officially 21 days late from the day I should have started my Af and the day before still had a A BFN. I am having some weird cramping , but at this point everything is weird.



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