Nausea In My Throat Is It Normal

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Bear - February 18

For the past few day I have been feeling sick to my throat. I thought quizziness only happened in the stomach. I have also been having mild cramps in my va___a like my period was coming but no bleeding. Could that be implantation cramps and is it possible to have morning sickness in my throat? I'm confused!


lyla - February 18

Morinig sickness is described in so many ways, b___terflys inthe stomach, nausea, and like somthing is right ther at your throat waiting for you to puke. I know that feeling too well. Its very common to get cramps when your period is due, and your pregnant. You should wait until your first missed period and test a week later.


kate - February 18

Yep its normal, dont stress and baby dust to you.


Bear - February 18

I have tested after my missed period and the test was negative. It is 2 weeks late. Ive been cramping midly but no bleeding at all.


trixie - February 18

bear, i had this feeling for like almost 2months..from dec end till rite uptill now..i havent had my period since then just mild spotting this month.hang on dust to u


Bear - February 18

Thank you ladies 4 your input.


LKC - March 6

I have had the same weird nausia in my throat. Like a gag reflex when I smell certain things or look at things that would gross me out (usually meat). I have had on going abdominal cramps that feel like period cramps. The past two days they have been very bad, sharp pains in the area of my left ovary, and sometimes they go to the area of my right ovary. Also constant mild "menstral like cramps". I took several hpt's..all negative...I also had a qualitative blood test, also negative. Period is not due until March 9th...the cramping is really annoying, now radiating to the "groin" area on the left side. Also have bad lower back pain. Can anyone give me advise, could I still be pregnant, but the qualitative blood test not detect it?. Anyone know the accuracy of qualitative vs quant_tative? anyone had a neg blood test and still been pregnant...What is wrong with me??



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