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Char - January 16

Hi everyone, I have posted on here before back in nov. when I thought that after 20 years, I might possibly be pregnant. I had all the symptoms....lightheaded, nauseated, sensative to the smell of food (spaghetti especially) but then af showed up, but was really different and much lighter than normal and mixed with mucous (sorry tmi) The symptoms continued and in dec. I still got a "period", but it was also lighter than normal. Well, here it is jan. and I still have the nausea and lightheadedness and I am having a really lighter than normal period. I am so confused.I think I have gained some weight, but I am overweight so I am not sure if that is from holiday overeating or not, and I have felt cramps like everyone else describes...even well before I should get a period, and during the period I have no cramps. I have also had strange feeling in my abdomen.I usually know when I ovulate every month because I have the cramps that they call mittlesmertz( I was pleased to find a name for them..LOL) I have the very veiny br___t. I look like a road map all over my chest and upper arms. I know, I know....I should be going to a doctor. I don't have a regular one and no insurance.( I am back in college). I was beginning to think this is all in my head, but how long can that go on...LOL I do have a friend who had a period for the first four months and she was pregnant with twins. The test that I took in nov. were negative and I was very disappointed because I have never had all the symptoms before. ( I thought that I couldn't have babies) I am 38, so I am also wondering if this is the onset of menopause. Sorry that this is so long...I guess I just need someone to talk to. I will get to the doctor before the end of the month. Thanks for listening.


Rachel - January 16

Char: I don't know what to say except that you need to get tested. Have you taken a test since November? If not, you should pick one up at the store and give it another shot.Good luck :)


Char - January 17

Thanks Rachel, I thought that since I am still having a light period that the test would be negative anyway. Is that right?


Liane - January 17

Hi,I'm no expert, but the thought that you could possibly be perimenopausal might be something to look into. Some women your age begin to go through the change earlier than others. Sometimes it has to do with weight and with stress. You mentioned that you are back in school and without insurance, those can be high stress factors. Period cycles change, too, as you get older. You might be dealing with more than you think you are and this is how your body is reacting. I'd go to an OB/GYN, or see a nurse midwife, some of them have programs for women without insurance. Good Luck to you!


Jory - January 17

Char, I am 38 years old and am ttc too. Your situation sounds familiar to me. Back in August I didn't get a period and had all the symptoms, thought I was pg for sure. Went to the Dr. and was surprised with negative test. Waited a couple more weeks, still negative test (blood tests). Went to my ob/gyn who said you're not pregnant, your cycle is off and you didn't ovulate so you're "stuck" (so to speak) and the progesterone is causing all the pg type symptoms, usually progesterone drops and you get your period, my body didn't know what to do......... He put me on prometrium for 5 days to get it re-regulated (if you're pregnant it doesn't hurt you) and that got my cycle going on the right track again. It also turned out I had a bit of a thyroid problem. Perhaps you could get in touch with a planned parenthood clinic, they charge based on income and could give you some good thoughts...........sorry I don't have great news, but wanted to share my story too so you can keep all of the possibilities in mind. It is VERY easy to get overexcited then be disappointed........let us know, k?



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