Need A Waiting Buddy For April 13th

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amy - April 4

Anyone expecting af on 4/13? Here's to hoping this month is the month!!!!


Hailey - April 4

I will hopefully MISS AF on April 13th..i would be glad to wait with you! How long have u neen ttc?


omg yes - April 4

i am waiting for my period on april 13th and i hope i get it or it will ruin my whooole life


amy - April 4

Hi Hailey! i am so glad to have a waiting buddy! I have been TTC for a few years and have just recently discovered why it has taken so long! I did finally get pregnant in Jan, but u/f ended in m/c at 6 weeks... I just had a laperoscopy this month and IUI last week! Here I go again.. on the waiting train..How about you? Have you been TTC long? I hope we both get BFP's soon! I have no symptoms so far..BABY DUST**************** for omg yes..I hope that you get your af if that is what you want...are you on bc? good luck to you too!


Hailey - April 4

Amy- I am very sorry to hear about ur m/c! :-( Heartbreaking i'm sure! My fiance and i just started ttc.. This is only our second month trying...he is in the Marines and will be deployed to Iraq in September for 8 months (just found this out the other day) I guess a baby right now wouldn't be the best thing for us with him being gone, but we will see what happens..HOWEVER, I JUST went off BC feb my af feb 11-13th and then didn't get it last month. I am sure it is bc of going off the pill, but i COULD be preggers from last month..after i missed af on March 13th i tested on the 15th and BFN, haven't tested since. Hopefully i am preggers from last month, or will be preggers this month, as we tried march 25, 26, 27, 28 and 30th...tons and tons of baby dust to you Amy! u need it girl! :-)


shira - April 5

hi amy. I am supposed to get my period on the 14th of April. I really hope that i don't. My husband and i have been tryig to get pregnant for 7 months now. I am really frustrated. Anways. at the moment i don't feel any syptoms at all. I am not tired, my b___bs don't hurt and i don't have any white mucus or blood when i go to the bathroon which i also heard could be a sign. How about you?? ANYTHING? how old are you?


makie - April 6

I waiting for my period on 13april hope it won!t come I being TTC form July 2004 my b___st started to sore little bit nausea.


Lucy - April 6

I also am due 13th April. I am also on my first round of clomid 50mg. Around day 18 my nipples really started to hurt, I mean I can hardly touch them they are that sore. Here is hopeing!!!! Good Luck to you all!


Chelss - April 6

I too am hoping not to see my period on the 13th. Like you, Hailey, this is only my second month off of the pill, but am hoping that this is it. Any one know what the first signs should be?


amy - April 6

hi all! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I am actually trying not to think too much about it this month. It begins to consume your every thought and then, for me, it has been mostly for nothing! Anyway, so today is 7dpo and the only symptom I feel is constipation and slight cramping in my lower abdomen. but, I know this could be due to anything! Shira.. I just turned 30!!! Hailey, coming off the pill really messes up your cycle.. when I came off the pill it took me 3 months to have a regular cycle. I too, thought I was pregnant then because it was sooo screwy! But, I hope that in your case it has worked! Good luck and baby dust to all of you waiting buddies! I will post soon, and hope to have more symptoms to report!


amy - April 6

chelss, everyone is different, but my first signs when i was pregnant before were extremely sore (stinging nipples) b___sts, lots of gas and constipation. When I got to 6 weeks the fatigue kicked in, never really felt nausea. But others have reported blue veins and/or white bumps on nipples, lots of cm, headaches, backaches, fatigue, nausea, etc. I honestly never really thought I was pregnant until I missed my period. Hope this helps!


lexy - April 6

Im a waiter also for 4/13. happy to join


shanda - April 7

I am waiting to miss AF on April 12. Good luck to all. DH and I having been ttc 3 months...hopefully this will be the lucky month. I don't really have any symptoms except for itchy tender b___sts. I haven't noticed any distinctive this a must for a positive pregnancy?


L - April 8

hi amy, my cycle is changing so i'm expecting anywhere from the 12-14. we just started using the clear blue fertility monitor but weren't really serious about it this month. well i wasn't... i'm so stressed out about the whole thing i needed to just be me for a bit still getting over m/c 10/04. spoke to my gyn and we're going to pursue iui in june just to rush things along but hopefully i'll be preggars on my own before then. I wish you the best! keep in touch!


Chelss - April 8

So, I really don't have any signs which is quite sad. I am very dry. I think I have cramps ever so often, but think it is in my mind. My b___sts feel normal. AF is do some where between April 10 and 14. And I just don't feel pg. : (


amy - April 8

Hi everyone. Anyone have good news yet? I still don't have many symptoms, just slight cramping...sometimes I think it's in my head though! bbs are just beginning to get sore, but they do about this time w/ af anyway. So, nothing to do but wait...and not drink or have sushi or drink cafeine blah, blah, blah! I hate putting my life on hold, but I know it will be worth it in the end! Baby dust and KEEP IN TOUCH!


mary - April 8

mine is supposed to come the 14th.. does that count lol .. gl to all



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