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Dawn - August 10

I posted this same question earlier but no one has gotten back to me yet and i need an answer as soon as possible. Im 15 and still a virgin so im not pregnant or anything but for a while whenever i went pee it would hurt really really bad or sting and whenever i would wipe myself their would be little specks of blood but that wasnt my period and once in a while my va___a will throb really bad but that hasnt happened in a while but it still happens every now and then, i was wondering what this is?


SaRaH - July 14

It is called go to the gynocologist and get them to check!!!! I am sure they can help u!! Good Luck!


Dawn - July 14

what if i dont want to go to the gynecologist, will i really be affected by this, i cant hurt me that bad can it?


Elizabeth - July 14

Going to the gynocologist is not that bad. I know the thought of someone looking at your v____a is scary, but a gynocologist has seen thousands of v____as and yours isn't any different. You should go so you can make sure you don't have something bad!


SaRaH - July 14

Have u told ur guardian about this? If u are NOT s_xually active then u may have some kind of infection! U really should get it taken care of for the future!!


Dawn - July 14

Thanks ill consider going and no i havent told anyone


Dawn - July 14

if ne1 can give me a diagnosis of what i might have on here, i would really appreciate it


DrKatz - July 14

Hi, noone can tell you what you have for sure but it might be some sort of infection like yeast, yeast infection can occur from simplest ex: bread or detergent which you wash your underwear with, bathroom facility you might have used. If that happens again the best answer is to go to an Ob/Gyn and get yourself checked out, its normal for a girl to go see the gyn doctor once she starts getting her period, not saying every month but once a year a girl should be checked out. Good Luck to you


saz - July 14

I think maybe it might be an infection or an irratation to something maybe? Are you on the pill? I know when I was first starting the pill I would get a bit irritated and spot a few days before my period. I think its best to see a doctor about it, it may be a urinal tract infection or a yeast infection. If you want, I am sure there are websites that you can visit that may have symptoms of certain infections or irritations to do with the v____a. Hope all goes well


Saz - July 14

P.S Its cool to go to a gyno, they are usually pretty relaxed and don't make you feel uncomfortable, that way you can put your mind at rest, plus they let you know a little bit more about the workings of the v____a ( and your own body) which is always a good thing to know.... I know when I first went to one I was really nervous, but it was nothing to be worried about. It kind empowers you to know more about your s_xual organs and reproductive system, but I can deffinalty understand why it would be uncomfortable. My first time at a gyno was when I was a virgin... so it was a bit uncomfortable.. but it is worth it to find out


Dawn - July 15

thanx for ur help guys


bbygyrlk - July 15

This sounds like it could be a Urinary Tract infection, you need a doctor ASAP. Drink a lot of cranberry juice in the mean time, But go see a doctor. You need some anti-biotics. I am no doctor, so I could be wrong, but thats what it sounds like. I had one last year, with the same symptoms.


Dawn - July 16

yea i looked up on the internet both urinary tract infection and a yeast infection and it looks like thats what i got, ive already made an appointment to the gynecologist, thanks


cherie - August 9

sounds like a urinary track infection, you will need antibiotics


alexis - August 10

There is a rare disease in women that causes pain when the v____a is touched. Also if it is burning when you pee, you probably have a urinary tract infection which is caused when bacteria gets into your urinary tract. This can happen from improper "wiping'" or from using a tampon or "s_x toy" that has been improperly cleaned or on the floor.


stacy - January 1

my sister is 28wks preg. and she called me the other day for advice. she said that her lower back and her lower stomach hurt...ex. she did 100 sit ups was how it felt to her. Obvioulsy,I said call the Dr. but then she said there was a lot of blood in her urine. She went to the Dr. and neg. for UTI then don't know what it is...I did some research and looks like toxima which can lead to preclamsia. But wouldn't the Dr. catch this???


Just Me - January 2

My daughter gets like that...she has an allergy to apples. She has to avoid them, and use a cream that the doctor gave her when the problem does occur...Maybe something you're eating or drinking?



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