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smskam - April 4

My husband and I are TTC and we B/D on alternate days and especially during my ovulation in march. This ovulation cycle,I definetly saw EWCM and a good quant_ty, so WAS HOPEFULL. But when I got my AF a day earlier than expected,I was a bit sad but did not think a lot ...but by afternoon I had only some clear CM with little red and evening also no flow. Next morning again there was blood red infact and stopped later and then turned brown and this brown reminded me of my very first period thick brown stuff (sorry tmi). Day 3 and 4 and 5 nuthing except when i wipe some browness.NEVER HAPPENED TO ME B4.My cycle is clocklike and atleast the first three days i have a good flow . So no blood on the first two days was new! .Also the first day of my AF I yelled at my husband like there was no tomorrow.. for a petty thing and cried for loong. very unlike me .... My one mind was like" what is wrong with me why am I yelling so loud!!! I NEVER have done that" but couldn't stop myself. it was weird i couldn't explain ....but I have some preg symptoms like bloating,constipation(and i never ever have that problem even when i don't eat fiber),br___ts are heavier and look large bt then i am a c cup so .....but not sore, food always feels like it is stuck in my throat , i am burping, have nausea/queasiness.. haven't thrown up yet and YES SLEEPY. and tired all the time.. I love my sleep always ,but if i oversleep or have coffee i can never sleep ..... but not these days.. to my suprise i can sleep and sleep.. I have taken HPT's at 1 week after AF and two weeks after too.. still no positive. If preg, I must be 6 weeks preg. Also my DH and I tried to B/D yesterday and it wasn't comfortable felt as if my cervix was lower or something... God Knows what is happeneing but all these symptoms are out of the normal for me and i haven't changed anything as far as my lifestyle, food activity or stress goes.. no medication.i am extra careful about my food and health . what is going on?? any ideas?? please ladies anyone who can understand me .. or am i a just crazy!


Amber #2 - April 4

Sounds to me like you probably just had a really crazy period this last go round!!! I've had some really weird ones before that were not like any others with really thick CM and stuff. I'm sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear, but since you took the HPT's after AF and they came up BFN, I would say that the chances are you're not preggo. Also, AF can cause the same symptoms as a period. I know you're going crazy wondering but really the only thing you can do is BD like crazy around ovulation time this month and wait for your next AF to come. If it doesn't, then you will know that something is up and you should have a blood test taken. Good luck and baby dust....


smskam - April 5

amber#2 thanks so much for replying. it could very well be what u said.. i know u hope against hope, when u see promising symptoms poping up.... that are out of the norm. but my periods are not due for another 12 days or so and i do not have such symtpoms during pms ..our bodies can change any time i guess for no apparent reason.But again when u hear cases of ladies not showing +ves on hpts for long into their pregnancy ,makes u wonder.but i will wait till my next periods and see what happens... Yes U r right !! just have to do continue with the acrobatics for now.;-) Thanks again . i will post in case things change for the better. Best wishes to u 2!!



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