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jvl86 - April 21

Alright to start I'm 21 years old and I was on birth control for a year and stopped taking it in Feb mid pack. A week after taking it I had a period which I think was just the hormones leaving. My fiance and I decided we want to try for a baby and we waited till after the next period on March 14. It was the normal 6-7 day period. Before going on the pill I had an irregular cycle that varied between 27- 32 days. We had s_x every other day after my period till about the 8th of April. Between March 26 and March 29 I had painless cramping. From the 30th on I would have random but not often moments where I would feel really nauseous like I was about to vomit and also had to pee enough to make an extra trip or two throughout the day. I also got sensitive nipples and felt bloated. There were quite a few days where I had mood swings and would get mad over something as simple and extremely stupid as my fiancee getting out of work like 5 mins late. From about April 2nd to the 5th I had very light to painless cramps that would come for about a min then dissappear for about 10-20 mins then come back. After the painless cramps, I completely lost any desire for s_x and became more tired where I felt I needed a nap at lunch and right after work. On April 17, I had cramping only on the left side of my lower abdomen which never happened before and it wasn't painful. I took a hpt on the April 11, 13, and had a blood test on the 15 when I saw my doctor and all were negative but was told if I had vomiting or symptoms that were more tell tale or if I did not have a period to go back in a week for another blood test. But on the 18th I started 2 days of heavy bleeding (tampon would be soaked in about 4 hours on the 18th and about 6 hours on the 19th) and the 21st was just spotting. I have never had a 3 day period and I have not gained or lost a significant amount of weight that would cause a change in my period nor have I been under anymore stress then normal. I have also noticed since this possible period that my bouts of nausea are a little more frequent and a little more severe and my nipples are still sensitive. I also have began going to the bathroom 7-8 times a day instead of the normal 4-5. On April 21st I had the cramping in the left lower abdomen area again and it was still painless to mild. I took a pregnancy test on the 22nd because I was googling implantation bleeding and various other things and sites said it was possible to have heavy bleeding for a couple of days as implantation and that you can still have what looks to be a normal period and still be pregnant. I was wondering if it's possible I could be pregnant and I should wait and take another test or if everything is still like an after effect of the birth control. Any comments or questions are great.


callie2008 - April 21

I honestly dont think that you got pregnant in march. i think that your body is out of wack because of the birth control. it can take up to 6 months or more to regulate. i do know , however, how common it is to get pregnant immeadiatly after stopping bc;s. but, it could really go either way, but because you had a blood test and you bled heavy, i dont think you are. good luck,,, keep us posted!


krissy2006 - April 21

I agree with callie2008. It is more likely that you are having hormonal withdrawal which can mimick pregnancy symptoms. GL to you!


jvl86 - April 24

Well, I think you both are right and I'm not pregnant. Other then the nausea everything else seemed to eventually go away. But thanks to you both for your opinions and the help.



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