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Kelly - October 15

WEll...these seem to be common questions on this sight, but i just wanted an opinion. The last few days I have had an incessantly sore back, queasiness, i've been tired and headachy and a bit constipated. My last period was sept 29 and was unusually light and lasted 2-3 days. My husband and i have been having s_x frequently...but I am on Alese birthcontrol. We were married just 2 months ago and I started my pills 2 weeks before the wedding. At that time my period lasted for like 12 days and I had it on my wedding day! It was ridiculous. It normally lasted 5-6 days. So what do you all pregnancy a possibility?


Kelly - October 15

just another symptom I have: b___sts have slightly grown and a bit achey off and on....but that could be fromthe birthcontrol too...can't it?


bump - October 16



T - October 16

Are those birth control pills? If you have taken them correctly, you should be fine. The symptoms you report could be af or due to bcp. But you can always take a $3 test from walmart.


Kelly - October 16

yes, Alesse is a low-dose birth control. Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it! It puts my mind a bit at ease, as now would not be the best time for us to have a baby---although I would LOVE one! I have taken the pills as correctly as possible. my biggest concern was because it was a low dosage, it is possible that i wasn't getting enough hormone to actually"trick" my body it was pregnant (which is what bcp's do) therefore, there is a possibility i could still release an egg. The only indication that it may not have been a high enough dosage was that I had my period for waaaay to long when I started, and even though i was taking the pills, my period kept on....and on...and on. So there is the only reason I would think pregnancy is a possibility. Well, maybe I am a little paranoid! ;-) But thanks again for your replies...and if anyone has anything else to say...that would be super. Have a great day ladies!


Kelly - October 16

Hey bump! what do you mean by your answer "bump"?? just wondering...


? - October 16

mmmmmm,what does bump mean?


Ana - October 16

bump is when you want to bump your question up to the top of the list so more people will see it. Kelly, So your first period on bc was 12 days, and your second one for 2-3 days? Wow. When are you due for your third one? Congrats on getting married.


Kelly - October 16

Thanks Ana! My third period is due on the 25th. and the two i have had in between the start of my pills have been,very very light.


kelly - October 16

well I am off to get a preganancy test.....



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