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impatient - October 28

I think i o'd on the 16 or 17. BD'd on 15 (2x), 16 (2x), 17 and 19 (hubby has been out of town for a while ;). Now I am having some CM, but it is kind of lotiony and yellowish, greeny colored (sorry if TMI). Also been having the STRANGEST dreams, very vivid and just plain wierd for the last 3-4 days. Heartburn, gassy (more burpy gasy) and now I'm starting to cramp like af is comming. Oh yeah, my bbs are sore and kind of tingly. AF is due either today or on the 31 (my cylce has been really messed, usually 28 days, last month 24). I took a test on 26, but might have been too early as it was BFN. What do you think my chances are of a BFP this month, when could I accuratly test and what is the best brand to use?


please - October 28



Melissa - October 28

Well.......if you bd'd the days leading up to ovualtion, during and after..I would say you have a great chance of pregnancy. All the symptoms you list, including an increase in cm are all signs of pregnancy. You should wait until the latest day you think af is due....that would be the 31st for you....and test with first morning urine. ...or the day after and you shoud get an accurate result. If you get BFN and af still hasnt shown up in a few days...i would see the doc for a blood for brands...try using a dollar tree test...they are really sensitive(detects at 15mlu)..and inexpensive!..Good Luck


impatient - October 28



shelly - October 28

hi ,ive got that exact same ga__sy burpy heartburn i had it 4 few days this is my 2nd month trying so im still a bit of novice were ov concerned my cycle so far seems 2 b 28 due af 2m neg test 2d tho which disapoint,mayb u just test 2 early i used 1st response which i now dont like as bnf lol,im going try another 2m,im not sure about the cm but mine is yellowish 2,im only get slight cramp had it on and off 4 the last week but also backache,i read somewere in the site about the vivid dreams being a sign bbs tingly a good sign mine feel full,itchy last week,im scared to take test 2m in case neg then having to start again its all the waiting ,ive not been doing it long so ive been 2 optimistic that it would happen straight away,anyway good luck i really hope no af 4 u and 4 me 2 sorry not been much help is a complicated business isnt it.


impatient - October 31

Well, I got my answer on Friday ... BFP woo hoo!


Em - October 31

congrats to you......



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