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Jenn - November 26

i had s_x on the 5th 7th and 9th of nov i am suppose to start sumtime before the end of this month but i have been feeling weird lately like my nipples are sore and my temp has been 99.2 or higher and i have milky white discharge i dont think i am pregnant or i just dont want to get my hopes up but IF i was pregnant would today be to early to take a test since i am not late? or should i just wait it out even tho its killin me to take the test


pipi - November 26

I can't answer your questions, but I can definitely sympathize. I may have conceived the same days as you and am also supposed to start next week. I have been feeling tired and my temp is about 99. I have sore b___sts and little bumps on my nipples. I have also been experiencing gas, abdominal cramps and lower back discomfort. I feel like my symptoms could be caused by my overactive imagination. I really want to be, and don't want to get my hopes up either. I don't know if you should go ahead and take a test or not. I did because I couldn't wait, it was neg. Good luck to you.


Kp - November 26

I have had some of the same things happing to me. My last period was Oct. 9th. I should have started my period on Nov. 6th, I still have not started. I have been feeling adominal cramps since Nov. 7th. On Nov. 9th I took a HPT it was negative, but I have still been having cramps that come and go, very tired, very emotional at times, and been having very bad backaches in my lower back. I was suppose to go get a blood test Friday b/c a HPT from what I've heard are not as good as they are suppose to be. I have also heard of people taking a test early and getting a correct result. But taking it too early can you a false negative and then you really don't know. According to some websites I am experiencing symptoms for someone who is about 3 months along. Is it possible to do that I don't think I would be that far along? But everyone is different. I wish you the best of luck.


Grandpa Viv - November 26

Jenn, most folks around here would say it's too early to test. If money is tight you should probably wait until after you are sure you have missed a normal period. You do have a couple of early signs. Pipi, Your signs are more promising, especially the Montgomery tubercles. Kp, you are right, some women experience symptoms the first couple of weeks that others don't get until several months. Good luck to all! Remember that the blood test that is more accurate is the quant_tative test. It is also more expensive.


Jenn - November 27

well i have lower abdominal pain lower back pain headaches dizzyness and my b___st are kinda sore and i have to pee alot more then i usually do but i dont know if this is all in my head since i wanna get pregnant


Jenn - November 27

well i guess it was all in my head cuz i freakin started today:-( i am really sad but oh well i guess i can just give up on trying to have kids cuz i dont think its ever gonna happen:-(


pipi - November 28

jenn, don't give up. just keep trying and hoping. if you really want a baby I just know it will happen for you. Just try to be patient and have faith.


Jenn - November 28

aw thank you for bein so sweet and saying that. your comment cheered me up a little i am still really upset but i guess it wasnt my time to get pregnant :-(


KP - November 28

Jenn, I said the same exact thing just a couple months ago, and here I am later than ever with all the right signs. I can't wait to get a blood test done. I was told by doctors due to a serious car accident I wouldn't be able to have kids, and it would be a big threat to me to even try. I wanted a baby so bad no matter what they said. I guess they were wrong, so my point is if it can happen to me there is great hope for you!



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