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cbug81 - March 9

I am so bummed out because I thought that I was Preggo and I really wanted to be but alas I am not. I went to the Ob-Gyn on Tuesday and had a urine test done but it was a BFN. I knew that it would be concidering I got a BFP with the first morning urine on Saturday and it was just barely a BFP. So I told the nurse that it would be a BFN. Then the NP told me that she could give me something that will bring my period on. My first thought is why are all of these doctors trusting the urine test and my second thought was well out loud, I asked her if I could have the blood test done first. Anyway I have yet to get the results from it and am preparing myself for "the worst" if you could call it that. The good news is that me and my husband have bothe decided to start TTC if I am not already pregnant, and thus I would like some buddies to come along with me in this journey to support and help each other during the good and bad times.


AshleyB - March 9

Why would you a__sume that the doc's test would be negative when you'd already gotten a positive? Most positive tests are very faint in the beginning. Maybe the doc's test wasn't as sensitive as the home test. I don't understand, I guess. I hope the blood test results come back good for you. I am on cd5 and am planning on ttc like crazy this month. Hopefully we'll both be lucky.


ciera - March 9

Sounds exciting, hope everything works out for you if you are ready. Last month I was late and I thought that I was pregnant and then AF came for a visit. So we are trying really hard this month. Tonight is actually a night that we have to get busy!! Good luck and keep in touch!!


cbug81 - March 9

AshleyB- I have been through this once before last year and I was so depressed when I wasn't I was depressed for almost 2 months, but my DH didn't want to have a baby just yet. I was also diagnosed with PCOS and was told I may go though periods of no AF at all. Well here I am back to where it started last year and am in the same boat. You see I went 2 cycles without having a full on period (I did spot but no normal flow). Now I am doing the same thing. I guess that I don't want to be upset again so I am talking myself out of it. Trust me it's not working. I hope that you have luck with your ttc this month.


AshleyB - March 9

Thanks cbug. I still don't really understand though, because you had a positive test right? It's very unlikely to get a false positive. No matter how faint it is, unless it was an evap line. So I wouldn't get depressed yet.


cbug81 - March 9

Thanks AshleyB! I don't think that it was an evap line it was there within the three minutes. It was an EPT easy reay the "+" and "-" lines. My positive looked like the second picture that they give you in the directions


AshleyB - March 9

Well, goodness, then don't get depressed, there's every reason to hope for a positive blood test. I know that often times people with pcos and get a false negative, but it's very rare to get a false positive. I think that Congratulations is in order!!


sugar+spice - March 9

well, i hope you get a pos. and glad you asked for the blood test. hopefully the one that will give you the #. this happened to me last year. home test was pos. doctors were neg. (blood test) for a week before they finally told me i was preg.


calista - March 9

You know, I read somewhere on this forum about doctors sometimes being wrong about some of the women on this forum that were pregnant and miscarrying...Specifically, I read that a woman, I can't remember her name, but she had said the doctor told her she was miscarrying and ordered some medication to help her with the miscarriage and then the woman insisted that she was not and then the doctor found the HCG levels of the baby going up, not the woman actually saved her own baby from a doctor's potential mistake. Anyway, I share this because I read that and realized doctors don't know everything...and can be wrong sometimes. They probably have seen it all, but they do have "different scenarios" all the time they learn from. It is up to us ladies to take control of ourselves and speak up for ourselves if we feel something is not right. I say, if you want a blood test, the doctor should give it to you, especially if it would give you peace of mind (an you have insurance.) What do you think?


michelle - March 9

Cbug good luck w/everything. I myself is ttc #1. Haven't really been trying trying til this month. Since i got off the pill in aug/sept last year. I wasn't getting a normal af so i went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and she did a urine test, which i knew would be neg since i took other tests and were neg. I hadn't gotten af in 2 months. She started me on provera to induce af. Once i got af she prescribed me clomid which i am almost done taking. The clomid is to stimulate the ovaries to ovulate. Which my ob thinks i am not ovulating and that is why i wasn't getting my af. I don't know what pcos really is but hear alot of people on hear have that.


britneyhayden - March 11

Hey everyone me and my hubby are also ttc, We had a lil girl whose 20 months old as of the 8th and it took us a lil over a year to concieve her so we kind of figured it be the same with our second and we've been trying almost a year without using any b/c but the past 2 months ive gotten into the checking for ovulation days and such and last month i could had swore i was pregnant i had gotten af on the day i should had on march 1st it started out just a brown spot the next day a lil blood and then nothing and usually my af lasts 5 days and im regular and i thought maybe it could be ib so i bought to pt and both were negative and i still dont know what to think of it but once again this week is our big week lol and hopefully this month we will make a lil progress i hope the same for all of you i will keep you all in my prayers and i dont know but i just love the forums on here having someone to talk to about this stuff is so great and doesnt make u feel like yout going crazy because everyone else is going through it too. sorry so long of a story guys lol itll be shorter next time


cbug81 - March 13

I just thought that I would update you ladies. I got in my blood test results on Friday and it too was negative so I was to start the prometrium Friday to help bring on my period but had an adverse reaction to the drug. Migrane, heart was racing, felt like the world was spinning around me, vomiting you now the whole nine yards. Well anyway as soon as I get my AF we are going to start TTC. The BEST part is my Mother is so excite that she has already went and bought maternity clothes. Hey is there a group out there who will let me in during and after my TTC days?


Lin - March 13

Yes, of course! Come join us over on the BFP for 2006 thread.



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