Need Extreme Help Determining If I M Pregnant

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m - November 23

I am not trying to become pregnant so I am quite worried about it. I have been having s_x with my boyfriend for the last nine months or so. We ALWAYS use condoms properly and consistently. I still freak out about getting pregnant so sometimes I take the morning after pill just to be extra safe. I know it's not good to use too many of those, but I've probably taken 6 morning after pills since we've been having s_x. Again we always use condoms, I'm just a paranoid freak so I use morning after pills as extra protection. So here is my question: I had started my period on October 11 and took a morning after pill around 11 days later. I got my period again on the 25 of October. (I read that taking a morning after pill can make your period late or early). But then I got another period which lasted 2-3 days on November the 9 (This is the day I would normally start which I did) The period was a little lighter than normal and ending with really dark brownish/blackish dryish spotting. Now it's the 22 of November, I been having cramps for like 3 days now and I've been having white discharge, and it feels like blood coming out but it's only discharge. Could I be pregnant?? I took a pregnancy test and it came out neg, but I'm so paranoid about the cramping and discharge that it's driving me crazy!!! Could these morning after pills be doing something to my hormones? And when can i expect my next period? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jen - November 23

I took the morning after pill a few years ago, and if I remember correctly I had to take it within 72 hours of the unprotected s_x for it to work. If you wait 11 days, the egg could have implantated already. I would first take a pregnancy test just to be sure. Then I would definitely stop taking the morning after pill as it could be messing up your hormones. It is a good idea to use another form of birth control in addition to condoms. Try going on the regular birth control pill instead.


Grandpa Viv - November 23

I don't think anyone, including the manufacturer, would like to predict how your body will handle this regime of Emergency Contraception. That's a pretty ma__sive dose of hormones you take each time. You would be far safer healthwise and pregnancywise taking a mini-pill regularly and still using a condom. I think for the moment you should hang your hat on your conscientious use of the condoms, and pray that the cramps and discharge are EC related. Just to be sure, take another couple of pregnancy tests Dec 4 and Dec 11



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