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Amy0805 - June 5

ok first off i just asked a question about tempature but it seems like no one responds back . so do you have to get just a regular theromator and test in your mouth?? i dont under stand can someone please help me ... if i was pregnant i would be about 6 weeks or so would my tempature have to be raised in order for this to be correct??????? thank you all.


Amy0805 - June 5



soimpatient - June 5

No, you cannot use a regular thermometer. You need a digital thermomter...and a good quality one. The reason you need a good one is because you need a good acurate reading. It is also important for you to test at the EXACT time every morning and make sure that you don't move or drink anything before you take your temp. I keep my thermometer right next to my bed so I can easily reach it before I get up. I sugest going to and getting an account chart your temps. IT IS FREE! And it is awesome. You get the "deluxe" package free for a month or so and then you get the basic for free...I liked the deluxe so much that I am now paying for it...its great. You experience a thermal shift immediately after ovulation....earlier than a pregnancy test would give you an accurate reading. If you are still getting BFNs you are not pregnant. Good luck.


Nell143 - June 5

Hi Amy your temperature may or may not be raised. I would not use a thermometer as a pregnancy test. Most women who temp throughout their cycles notice a peak when the are pregnant. The thing is you never know what your average temp is. Every woman is different. I suggest taking a HPT. Good luck. :-)


Amy0805 - June 5



Danielle26 - June 5

By the way, you can get a basal body thermometer at most drug and grocery stores in the family planning section. Good luck to ya!


Lin - June 5

If you think you're already pregnant, then taking your temperature now won't do you any good. You need to know what your low (follicular phase) temps are before you can determine if your temp is elevated. You CAN use a regular digital thermometer, so long as it goes to at least 1/10 of a degree and, as soimpatient said, you temp only in the morning before you get out of bed, eat or drink anything. As for your temps, even if you were able to know that your temperature is elevated now, it wouldn't mean anything since you don't know when you ovulated. If you ovulated late, then your temps *should* be elevated now, whether you're pregnant or not.



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