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nicksmama2 - May 26

I was on here earlier this week and now need some more help. Has anyone ever had an ectopic pregnancy, and if so what were your first symptoms? I was due for my period on the 22nd of this month. On the night before i took a test that was negative. I had 3 hours of spotting and now nothing. Since then I took one more test, which was also negative. I continue to have sore bb's, especially the nipples and a clear discharge, as well as increased urination (sorry tmi). I began having pain in my right side on Saturday afternoon, that has continued. The pain comes and goes, but at times is so sharp that it takes my breath away. The pain is higher than where I would get menstrual cramps, and goes around to my back. I have been reading on ectopic pregnancies and it seems as though that is what my symptoms indicate. My question is, could my pregnancy test still have been - even if it was ectopic. I cant get a straight answer from any website and need some answers. My doctor is not on call this weekend and the on call dr offered no help. I don't want to go to the ER, but if someone can tell me if this is how they felt than I may just to find out what is wrong with me. I can't think of anything else it could be. Does anybody have any ideas. Sorry this is so long.


hope-31 - May 26

even if its ectopic you would still have the hcg hormone in your urine so im guessing if your late and testing negative then you probably arent pregnant. i could be wrong but maybe it a cyst on one or both of your ovaries.good luck.if you are in that much pain i would go see a doctor asap.


eclipse - May 27

I personally would go to an urgent care or ER. I work in an ER and it could be many different things. The pain radiating makes me think kidney stone. From working here I have learned that you don't always get a proper pregnancy test result with ectopics, and that definitely should be ruled out as well. It also may be a cyst or intestinal. I would go to a doctor at an urgent care or ER and get it checked out. Let us know...


POOF - May 27

hcg can be lower in an ectopic pregnancy than in a normal one. you need to go get an ultrasound immediately. you could also possibly have a kidney stone. either way i would say a trip to the er is warranted. good luck and feel better.



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