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tracy152 - March 25

Ok here’s my story last month (feb) towards the end of the month. I don’t really keep track of my periods b/c I have been on b/c for 7 years now. It was a very odd period, it usually last 3 heavy days and about 2 very light days then it is gone before I start the next pack. Well this last period was heavy for about 5 days and continued to lighten for the next 5 days. Now, I have never had a period for 10 while being on b/c and this alarmed me but still didn’t think too much of it. After it stopped I started the next pack. I basically take the pill on time and I stress it now b/c I am now back with my boyfriend and we have s_x at least once a day and he ejaculates inside of me with no protection at least four time each time. I should get my period on the Sunday March 27 but Tuesday March 22 I was laying on my stomach watching TV and it felt like I was laying on something that was pushing on my stomach area and I got a weird taste in my throat, not metallic-ish but I think it was heartburn-ish feeling, this I found odd. That night I noticed that I was uncomfortable laying or sleeping on my back or stomach only on my sides. Since then my br___t have been sore, very gassy, constant bowel movements, a little sick to my stomach, hot-flashes, hurts my stomach to sit or keep my jeans on for long periods on time, uncomfortable to lean forward, cramping (much worst that a normal my-period-is-coming-cramp). This morning I took a pregnancy test, the new ept test with the 2 windows. The negative line was very faint. When I got home from work my sytoms worsened so I took the other one, same thing. Could I be pregnancy?? Or am I make a mountain out of a mole hill????????? HELP!!!!


jena - March 25

you could be - i really don't know. but i do know that if you are, taking bc is dangerous for a fetus. so the sooner you find out, the better. i would suggest taking another test - a different brand - and/or seeing your doctor to see why your stomach hurts so much - it could be something else wrong besides your being pregnant. sorry i'm vague but i sounds like you have symptoms of pregnancy - then again, it's probably a little early for tests to tell - a blood test tomorrow would probably work - for sure by Monday... good luck!


Tracy152 - March 28

Jena, thanks for the post. Well it’s now the 28 and I got my period but its very light and it was a day late. All the symptoms are still there and have worsened but they seemed to stop this afternoon, well at least my stomach and the nausea as lifted up. Now I have an extreme headache. I still don’t feel right and I couldn’t b___ton up my pants this morning. I’m going for the blood test tomorrow. This was a completely unplanned pregnancy (if +) but kind of excited!!!!!!!!!!!


jena - March 28

glad you are getting a blood test. let me know what the results are! you still could be preggo if that period was really light - baby dust to you!


Tracy152 - March 29

i took the blood test but it i wont get the results till tomorrow. the dr. did another unine test and it was negative but none of my symptoms have complete gone away (have subsided a little) but about a one inch circle around my bellyb___ton is hard, not rock hard but like i have a six pack under all that if the blood test is neagtive too, should i get an ultrasound???


jena - March 29

um, no - if the blood test is negative i think you'll just have to play the waiting game and either wait for your next period (horrible, i know!) or if you really still feel pregnant, wait a week and take another hpt... good luck to you - i get my blood work back today - it's a long story but i need my levels to be HIGH or i will miscarry :( so i hope you are preggo for the two of us! good luck with your results!!!



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